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In Snatched 15 February 2020 Update, Bhushan says by sitting with you in the shop i have learnt a lot of things. Why are you doing this to me? you are my hero. Why can’t you get up for me? you are my superhero. I want to hug youb today. I wanted to tell you how much i love you. They all come in. Bhsuhan says who will handle them all? how can you forget the promise you made to your sister?

I can’t take this responsibility. i can’t handle the all. You have to get up for me. are you getting what i am saying? wont you give blessings to me and sherya? Mamma ji moves his finger they all stop crying. He opens his eyes. They all smiles and sit with him. He moves his hands like driving.

Next morning,dadi starts the day with pooja like always. All the brothers and mamma ji go for the jeep ride. They sing ‘yeh dosti’ and laugh together. Ajay says ajju thanks for taking mamma ji to hospital. You can get whatever price you want. Bhushan says we will never forget your favor. He recalls sanjina taking him to hospital. He says in heart dot give any credit to her. He says gift me a mobile. Ajay says you will get it tonight. Ajay says please drop us to college.

Bhsuhan says be back soon. there is a lot to work. Papa says yes love marriage takes a lot of arrangements. Bhushan says ajay all three of you should reach on time. ajay says who three? Ayush says you ajju and you special friend sanjina. They all reach college. Bhushan says be back on time.

Aju and ajay are with their friends. Ajay says friend should be like aju. Sanjina comes there looking for ajju. Ajju goes to pick a call. Ajay says tonight there is mehndi and sangeet. I guess ajju can’t spend this evening with you i think. sanjina says i understand you can’t do anything alone. you need my bf all the times, you will cope his dance steps. Ajju comes and hugs her. she says i know you can’t meet me today. Dont worry i wont disturb you, enjoy yourself. bye my baby. She leaves. Ajju dances and says how yo did this.

All the family is working for sangeet and mehndi. Ajay says i am tired of mixing this mehndi. Vinati says you can’t even work for one day? Vinati says but dadi this has to be done by girl’s family. Dadi says the rituals are for name only. it doesn’t matter who does it.Sherya’s family comes and the sangeet starts.

Snatched 15 February 2020 Update contnues, Dadi says what happened to the lights? She says ajju please go and check the lights. Amar’s son comes and says today we will tell you how bhushan’s love story started. Amar and vinati perform on ‘kyun agay pechay doltay ho’. its a black and white theme. They all join them.

Then Mishri and Ayush perform on ‘chori chori’. The kids says and then we got to now everything. Ajay and ajju come to perform on ‘lutgaya’. All the family dance on ‘meere brother ki dulhan’. Dadi invades the floors on the song ‘london thumkda’. They bring bhushan and sherya on the floor as well. Mamma ji and elaichi join them as well. They all enjoy the dance together. dadi hugs sherya. Suddenly lights turn of. Sanjina comes on floor and dances on ‘kamli’. Everyone is shocked on her vulgar dance and clothes. Ajay is taken aback.

Sanjina does the vulgar dance in a vulgar dance everyone is dazed. Ajay is dazed. dadi, mama ji and elaichi get up and leave. Avni says why she wore such clothes here ajay. Vinati says dont judge someone from clothes. Ayush says but papa is mad. Ajay takes her hand and takes her upstairs.

Mamma ji says why she comes her? ask ajay not to call her here again. he coughs. Dadi says clam down. We can’t judge her from her clothes. and our kid can bring anyone in this house they like to. Ajay takes her to roof, she says leave my hand. He says you really like to be insulted? I will tell you what insult means. He grasps her by hair and is about to kiss her but shoves her. He syas there is a difference between you and me, i know my limits you dont. Today you crossed all your limits, because of you my mamma ji got mad. I cant tolerate this. he leaves. Ajju tries to stop him but he goes. Ajju asks sanjina what did he say?she doesn’t answer.

Next morning, everyone gets ready for wedding. Vianti and amar take selfies, dadi says stop it and get things ready. They all get ready and decorate the house.

Sherya says to her mom its 19th may and i am getting married today. Everything has come true for me. Dadi and everyone knock bhsuhan’s door. dadi says we know you are confused because it is first love marriage of family. come out. Sherya says bhushan really loves he can do anything for me. Bhushan comes out as grooms. dadi says wow you look so good. bhushan says i want our couple to be like mom and dad. They are like friends. Sherya says i like everyone in bhushan’s family. they are all god friends. Her mom says everything will be okay.

Baraat is on its way to sherya’s house. sherya comes to the hall. everyone is so serious. she asks whats wrong? Her brother says a politician has died. all the roads have been blocked and bhushan’s family has left. they wont be able to reach here. Sherya is in tears. The roads are being blocked. amar sees the cops. the cops ask them to go back. amar says what is it? insepctor says you can’t move forward. We can’t open roads until the funeral. mamma ji says please listen to us we have to go its a baraat.

Amar says mamma ji call sherya’s papa and inform him. He calls him and tells him about the blockage of city. Sherya’s dad says we know. how will you reach here? Bhushan calls sherya and says please don’t cry its not in our control but we will find a solution. dadi takes the phone from bhushan. dadi says you wanna get married today on 19th?

Sherya says its a lucky day for me i want to get married today. dadi says then dont woryy you will get married today. sherya says how will you cme all the roads are blocked. The family sings for her. mamma ji says smile sherya. you will get married today. They all think for a solution. dadi says cops said we cant move forward neither go backwards, how about getting married on road. avni says how can the marriage be done on road? ayush says dadi thats an amazing idea.

Snatched 15 February 2020 Update ends when Elaichi says i will deocrate the mandap. They all open their turbans to decorate. they all decide the work. amar says mamma ji you superwise us. bhsuhan says should i do something as well? ayush says you should enjoy your last moments of bachelorhood.

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