Snatched 16 February 2020 Update


In Snatched 16 February 2020 Update, they all prepare the road for bhushan and sherya’s wedding. Ayush comes and knocks a door, a girl opens the door and is shocked to see its the boxing star. He says since i am here you can take the autograph. but before that i need a little help.

Aju and ajay come running with sticks to build the marriage hall. Ayush collects utensils from all the ladies but giving them autograph. Amar decorate the road. Mishri and avni cook the food. They sing typical song. Everything is almost ready. They bring bhushan and say you will see what you have never see in dreams as well. He opens his eyes and says sherya will be so glad to see this arrangement, but how will she come here?

Sherya’s mom says all the roads are empty. She is sitting upset. her dad says there is nothing outside. She is in tears. All the pethaywala family is worried. ajay says we will bring her. Lets go ajju we dont have time. They both leave. Sherya gets a call from ajju. He says come downstairs with your parents we are standing there. Sherya says what are you both doing here? ajju says bhushan couldn’t wait. COme trust us. They sit in the pick up, sherya says thank you. They reach the venue.

Bhsuhan says couldn’t they come. Ajay says sorry bhaiya. He says she has brother in laws like us how couldn’t she come. Sherya comes out of the lorry. Bhushan is so happy to see her. amar says will you take a look at our decoration sherya or will you keep staring at bhushan? sherya says its wonderful Its like a dream. Sherya’s mom says you did a miracle.

They make sherya sit in the doli of sflowers they made. Amar gives turban to bhushan. Some pick sherya and some pick bhushan. Sherya’s dad says where is pandit ji? amar syas to mamma ji pandit ji is not coming. Bhushan says how will we get married without pandit ji? Dadi says i will become pandit. Dont be so dazed. I have seen so many weddings i know all the rituals. Mishri says our dadi is rockstar.

Snatched 16 February 2020 Update continues as Bhushan says i love you dadi. dadi says sherya make bhushan wear wedding garland. Avni says we have made this garlan with all our love. They pick up Bhushan, she jumps and maker him wear. Avni and mishri take her aside. Bhsuhan makes her wear it finally. They sit. dadi sings the mantra. He fills her hairline with sindur.

They stand up for the rounds. The take the rounds around fire. They clap when they are one. dadi says are you happy? shrya says i am so glad this is like a dream, thank you so much, dadi says thank the family. Amar comes and hugs sherya. All brothers come and hug him. Sherya meets her parents and hugs them. She says take care of yourself and papa. Elaici says i know no one can be like a mom but she ahs held hadn of bhushan he will never leave her alone.

Bhushan and Sherya sit and go in the jeep. they all wave them good bye.Vinati brings sherya in the house. Her room is very well decorated. bhushan comes in. Vinati says one picture, she takes their picture together.

Amar says dont tease him boys as much as your teased me. bhushan comes close to sherya. The boys start making scaring noise. bhushan says what do you guys what? Ajju says came because we thought you must be scared. Ajay says not bahbhi is here. we can all sleep here, bhushan says what you mean? avni and mishri come with pillows and quilts. Mishiri says bhabhi did he tell you about snorting? he even walks in sleep. sherya says really? bhushan says stop it. dadi and elaichi say look they are still here. Elaichi comes and says leave them alone. ajay i dont wanna leave bhushan bhaiya alone? Amar says we had to disucss the business. Ajju says milk bhabhi. Elacihi takes them out.

Sherya says you speak, sing and walk in sleep. how will i sleep? Bhushan says that is my responsibility. bhushan says i must tell you we did the same to amar and vianti. this is our wedding night. he says close your eyes, he takes her hand adn takes her somewhere. he says open your eyes. They are on the roof. She says we can see tajj mehal from here? bhushan says yes. she says can i ask something? i know your family and work is really important, but will you ever ignore me for all this? will you always love me? bhushan hugs her. He comes closer to her and holds her hand.

Vinati says we have made so much i dont know if she will like it or not. Mishri says when will she come, i want to talk to her. Sherya and bhushan come. They all say good morning to them. Vianti and avni serve the breakfast. Sherya says mummy papa are coming with breakfast, elaichi says there will be more variety for breakfast in that case. Mamma ji says you come to meet sherya whenever you want. amar says and you can bring this breakfast.

Sherya’s mom says sherya you should have covered your hear. Elaichi says no she doesn’t need to do that. Vinati says bhushan we have a surprise for you. sherya’s dad says and there is one surprise from our side. bhushan says mummy papa booked honeymoon package of Goa. sherya says this is a manali honeymoon package. amar says what a coincidence. Msihri says where will you guys go? Sherya says Goa, bhushan says manali. Avni says maanali is so cool. Half of them say Goa half says manali. Mamma ji says let them deicide they have to do.

Sanjina sends an audio message to ajay pardon em for what i did in front of your family. she comes and says i am sorry. Ajay says you have to apologize in front of people. He gathers peoples and says now say sorry sanjina. sanjina says sorry and runs. ajju says dont do this ajay this was all my plan. i wanted to to apologize so she can let me come to your place. Ajay says you should have told me beforehand.

Snatched 16 February 2020 Update ends when Sherya says goa, Bhushan says manali. He says vinato and amar would feel bad about it if we go to Goa. she says my parents would be hurt as well. He says i would love to go to goa as well there are nude girls there, casinos and everything. bhushan says vinati and amar would feel bad if we dont go, they have done so much for me.

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