Snatched 20th February 2020 Update


Snatched 20th February 2020 Update begins when Elaichi comes up with this idea that they should make Sherya and Vianti participate in competition of making sweets. amar says try to understand vinati you are not doing this to prove anyone. Vinati says its such a big competition it has our family reputation attached with it.

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Snatched 20th February 2020 Update: Avni says okay you wanna back out? Mamma ji will ask someone else. Sherya bhabhi said yes and you are the senior daughter in law and you are backing up. Sherya says bhushan how can go to the competition what if i lose. Bhushan says you are a fighter, you have always won all the fights and you have won all competitions in college as well. Vinati bhabhi will participate for sure. She has amazing fighting spirit.

kirlok says to elaichi i shall appreciate you effort to make this family one. She says my kids give me this strength. you remmeber how worried i was how many kids were there. it was difficult to make them one, but look they love for each other now. he says thank you you made my sister’s kids yours. Its no easy to handle 7 kids. she says you were with me, even if they were 14 i would have handled them. She smiles.Avni says i hope they agree. Sherya and vianti come downstairs, sherya says i am ready for it mummy. Vinati says i am ready as well.

Ajay asks ajju what about sanjina? Ajju says i am really worried for her. she must be in problem. Ajay says lets go to her dad. Ajju says no he is very dangerous. Ajay says we have to do this. Cops come and says who is ajay? Come to with us station. you can’t love and manipulate a girl like this. ajay says you can’t arrest him. Sanjina loves him too. They arrest Ajju. Ajay says ajju i will talk to mamma ji don’t worry we will bail you out. ajay says no don’t tell mamma ji or it will go to my family as well.

Ajay bails out ajju. inspector says you are out of jail but if that girl complains again you will be on no bail arrest. Ajay says what you mean by no bail? Ajju says leave it lets go ajay. ajju says i am really worried for sanjina i dont trust her dad. Ajay looks for an auto, Ajju says where is your bike? ajay says i sold it for you bail. Dont tell anyone. ajju hugs him and says you are the brother. Thank you. ajay says don’t bring this thank you between us.

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dadi and rest of the ladies come to the shop. The competition owner come, he says amar and bhushan will participate in the competition? he says no my daughters sherya and vinati. The owner says women should stay home. kirlok says daughters are the real fighters, they can work out of the kitchen as well.

Sanjina’s wedding is on going. her sister goes to her dad and says papa this should not happen. Don’t get her married is rush. we should stay for somedays. we can get her consent. He says i don’t want my name to be ruined. i know how i make her husband to be agreed after all this, i know what is better for sanjina.

let this wedding happen today. he says there is one thing only two people can stay in the shop. kirlok says yes we are leaving. kirlok says why you look worried vinati sherya? We dont care even if you lose. let me take your photo, he takes their photos together. bhushan hugs sherya and says good luck they all leave.

Shreya and Vianti are selling sweets to customer. Vianti says in heart should i talk to he? Shreya says in heart why should i? A man comes and says i wanted to angoori petha and you gave me kesar. Shreya says i am really sorry, Vinati comes and says you should try this one as well. This is our specialty. He tries and says its really good so he takes it.

Sanjina is upset about ajju, she recalls her time with him. She is getting mehdi on her hands. sanjina stands up and locks herself in the room. Her sister and dad come they say sanjina open the door. She starts throwing stuff.

A lot customers are waiting in line. Vinati is slow with calculations and man says this is not women thing to calculate. shreya comes to help her and they deal all the customer awaiting. Vinati says shreya.. Shreya says you don’t have to thank you helped me too. We both know who works better in which walk. we both don’t want to save the reputation of papa. Vianti says yes there is no point in fighting or grudges.dadi says they are both helping each other.

Snatched 20th February 2020 Update continues as Ajay and ajju come to sanjina’s place. A servant tells them its sanjina’s wedding today. ajju is heart broken, ambulance come and go inside the house. Ajar and ajju are dazed. ajay says what is happening. They put sanjina on stretcher. His family takes her to hospital. her sister says look the consequences of your force. She would not have done this. he says no one should know its a suicide case, call it an accident. I will handle the rest.Ajju says if something happens to her i will kill myself as well. I have to go to her sit with her, ajay says let me think and she will be all right.

Shreya tells bhushan on call that she sold all of the sweets and she worked really hard. Vinati calls amar and says you wont believe i handled so many customers, i was so busy that i couldn’t even check facebook. He says oh it must be missing you. She says you did a miracle, she says you are talented you deal these customers everyday. Shreya says bhushan how you do all this. She gets another order. Bhushan says now you know what hard work is it, she says i have to prepare everything i will call you later. He says i miss you, she says i miss you too.

Vinati is stuck in the kitchen says how will i do it? can’t ask shreya for help she doesn’t know how to do of the family is spying on them. Shreya is taking the orders, she deals all the calls.sanjina opens her eyes, her sister says why would you do this? you could talk to papa and apologize. He says she doesn’t think she has made a mistake. i wont pardon her. She can’t threaten me like this. your wedding will happen tomorrow and thats final, i dont’ care if it has to happen in hospital. He leaves. he sister says papa listen to me please.

Vianti’s hand is burnt, everyone gets worried. shreya goes to kitchen and says bhabhi wait a minute i will bring the medicine. a warden gives tissue to sanjina, she realizes its ajju. She hugs him. she says please take me from here i dont wanna live her ei love you. Ajay says if you really love him you wont have done this. She says what else could i do? i wont marry anyone else. she says papa said he will get me married tomorrow. Ajay says we are with you dont worry.

Snatched 20th February 2020 Update ends as Ajju says sanjina we will get married dont worry. He hugs her. Shreya says why you did all this alone? you could call me. she puts medicine on her wound. Vinati says i can’t do it, i am calling amar.shreya says we can’t give up, we can work together. now sit here and instruct me how to make it. Vinati guides her and shreyaa makes. Vianti tastes it and says its really tasty. shreya says wow i made this for first time and thanks to you. she hugs her.