Snatched 21 February 2020 Update


Snatched 21 February 2020 Update starts when Dadi calls elaichi and tells her how shreya made the pumpkin, she says today i know that getting her married to bhushan was not a wrong decision. She will understand everything gradually.

Ajay says to ajju how will you get married to her?ajju says she is an adult not one would be able to do anything after marriage, i am going to US, i will settle there and will take her there. Everything will go smoothely. i will marry her no matter what.

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Whole family comes in, Amar says wow the work is going on well. shreya says the judges looked really impressed. elaichi says what happened to your hand vinati? Vinati says its just a burn, shreya made the pumpkin and she learned. Bhushan says wow she did. Shreya says with her help. Vianti says we earned so much that the locker was full. kirlok says wow, he gives them both currency notes, he says these are from my first earning never used them because today i found their real deserves.

Ajju says i don’t want to take any risks this time, Kirlok comes there and says ajayy. this is all wrong. Don’t you feel ashamed you didn’t come to say all the best to your bhabhis. Ajay and ajju heave a sigh of relief. kirlok says come with me.Whole family gets the dinner ready, shreya says bhabhi we will do it, you should give some rest to your hand. dadi says to chachi look how nice our shreya is.

Chachi says i am glad that she is nice, Elaichi says i will cook tomorrow, bhushan says mummy makes something sweet on a big day. Its so horrible. you and vianti have to eat it first. vinati says you all should go, shreya and i will wrap it up. amar says but we will help you. vinati says we will disqualify if someone sees you. bhushan and amar leave as well.

Ajju calls ajay and says which sanjina was getting married to someone else. ajay says this is why i am asking you to tell the family, they will help us. ajju says no don’t. ajay sees someone in the kitchen, he comes with a rod. its kirlok. Ajay says what are you doing here? kirlok says i ordered some cupcakes i was concealing them. your mammi made cupcakes and we all have to eat in the morning, i exchanged them with these. Ajay says this is cheating, kirlok says we can cheat a little to keep our close people happy.

Scene 2next morning, everyone eats cupcakes. Bhushan says they are so awesome, dadi says yes so good. Everyone praise her. kirlok says lets open a cupcakes shop. Shreya says vinati bhabhi we should go, judges must be coming any time. They both pray in temple before leaving.Elaichi says to kirlok i liked the idea of cupcake shops. he says good, she says call that bakery. i found this bill in your pocket. He says i.. She says i tasted my cupcakes they were not like this. He says i am sorry. She says its okay, i loved the smile on everyone’s face. Ajay comes and says give us blessings, its ajju and my exam today. Elaichi says you will succeed.

Snatched 21 February 2020 Update continues, Ajay and ajju reach the place. Ajju says i am going from the back, ajay says i will handle here you should go to court i will manage everything here. Ajju says what about sanjina? Ajay says trust me i will handle everything here. Ajju hugs him, ajay says go dont waste time.

shreya can’t find keys, she says i don’t know where did it go, bhushan says where did it go then? Kirlok says bhushan don’t be mad at her, i have asked driver to bring the other key. Critics come, he says you people are record holders. You win it every tome. Driver gives him other key. Vinati says to shreya relax you will be drowned in the rain of appreciations now. shreya says we both will, vinati says yes its team work.

Ajay sees agarwal with inspector. He says how can i get in?The judges and everyone enter the shop, its all messed up there is trash everywhere. Everyone is dazed. chachi says someone misused the lost key. kirlok says people do this when you are best, this is the proof that we have been the best, dadi says but look at all this. Kirlok says we should be glad that no one can beat us. The critics says we can’t taste it in this condition, we have to disqualify you.

The critique says we can’t judge you in this condition we disqualify you. They leave. Everyone is bewildered. elaichi says don’t be sad, we will win it next year, lets go and eat cupcakes. Amar says yes ayush and i will bring ice creams. Kirlok says buy new locks as well. Amar says yes mamma ji. bhushan stares at shreya in anger. Shreya and vinati are in tears, everyone consoles them.

Sanjina dresses as a bride. Her sister says you look like a beautiful moon. She says sanjina says cancel your plan to run, if you go you cant come here again. Sanjina says i have thought it i don’t want to spend life like you. I can’t be married by force. her sister says i am with you, i want you to live your life like you want. sanjina says thank you, she hugs her.

Agarwal says to inspector keep an eye on those boys. Ajay goes in the house a worker, Agarwal says come here. ajay says yes what sir? he says come here. her sister comes and says go and do your work there is a very little time left, ajay says yes i will do it before thebaraat arrives.

Shreya is upset. Avni and mishri are trying to make her smile, mishri says its not even your mistake, bhushan comes in mishri says go make her smile brother. Bhushan says you go out i will talk to her. Avni and mishri leave. Avni says he looks really angry. Snatched 21 February 2020 Update

Sanjina’s sister says to the cops come in and do the breakfast you have been here watching for so long, they go in. She gives green signal to ajay. Ajay says to sanjina take a deep breath and jump from the balcony, ajay takes her hand and throws a rope, they both slide down from the rope.inspector says to cops what are you two doing in? He says madam asked us to come in for breakfast. inspector says go out and do your duty.

bhushan says you can never be responsible. Shreya says i put it in the bag. Bhushan says they are all hurt, they are pretending because of you. Because of your carelessness we lost. She says i.. he says you have disappointed papa. They exptected so much from you but you failed it. if vinati bhabhi was doing this alone, she would have done it. i asked you to learn from her. Shreya says i am shreya not vianti neither do i want to be her. I want to love your family i made a mistake i didn’t do it deliberately. Avni says i think we should tell mamma ji and mammi ji.

mishri says no its their personal matter. Bhushan says it was my mistake that i thought you would adjust in family. she says you mean you made a mistake by marrying? You are regretting it right? He says yes it was a mistake. Shreya is taken aback. he leaves.

Ajay and sanjina run, cops see them. Ajay says lets run, They chase them down but ajay and sanjina go towards the jungle.shreya calls her mom and says they don’t love me, i don’t wana live here. Her mom says what happened? She says i lost the competition i made a mistake. bhushan said he regrets marrying me. He wants me to be like vinati, why should i be? I am shreya not vinati. I don’t wanna live here. Her mom says why she gets in everything? she is so clever, she puts all the blame on you. she is really clever.

Ajay and sanjina reach the court, aagrwal reaches there as well with cops. inspector says she is at court we can’t stop her now. she is an adult.Amar says i have changed all the locks and complained the cops. Servant says here is the key i found in near temple. Dadi says then who got in the shop and show? amar says the kitchen window was open i think someone came in from there.

Snatched 21 February 2020 Update ends when Shreya recalls how vinati was resting. Shreya says you people are looking for the culprit? its not needed. Vinati is behind all this. everyone is dazed. She says vinati was the last one to leave the kitchen she said she will get done with the kitchen which means the she left the window open