Snatched 28 February 2020 Update


In Snatched 28 February 2020 Update, Sajana holds Shreya hand and says you are right i can’t prove anything with acid bottle i will do this slowly and you have to be careful because i can’t leave you now. Shreya says very good, good going. all the best. shreya sees elaichi standing there. Elaichi says to shreya only you can convince bhushan. shreya says no he loves and respects all of you and that is why he is upset. Elaichi says yes i knw but you as a wife i can stop him. Elaichi says why didn’t you tell us? Shreya says bhushan would get mad and i wont disappoint you.

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Ayush says to ajay don’t worry we dont believe all this. We believe in love only, don’t be so serious it doesn’t suit you. Buck up. Ajay leaves. Bhushan comes in front of him. bhushan says i can’t think like others what is wrong is wrong. i love my family and i would do anything for them. We are all paying for your mistake. You didn’t care about ma papa right? He leaves.

Ajay says to sanjina i need your ‘kundli’. she says what for? she says when did you start trusting in all this? you hated all this in college. he says that life is over. She says until we were married, everything was okay. We can get our kundlis checks. She says i can’t believe oyou are talking about all this. Sanjina says you.. Ajay says i will do what bhushan asks me. Sanjina says its not him. it is.. he says what? she says fake belief. He says where am i stuck? There have been problems in the house. I feel so helpless. He says we wont live in this house. Sanjina says in heart shreya has hijacked brains. I wont let her do this anymore.

Next morning, chachi comes. She says i told you about rishab, they wanna get rishab married to avni. I have called them here, let the kids meet each other. She says he is a nice guy.Chachi says are you happy with this? Avni says yes i will meet him. Amar says you gathered the courage today. Elaichi says chachi is with her she will be okay. Chachi says avni get your stuff packed. Bhushan comes in and sees ajay. Dadi says come here bhushan sit here. get your granddad’s car repaired. I want to learn driving, everyone laughs and is dazed. she says i will learn today. elaichi says maa think once please. Dadi says it was shreya’s idea. SAnjina says in heart there must be something behind it too.

Dadi sits in the car, kirlok says you really wanna drive? dadi says yes. bhushan starts the car, but it doesn’t he keeps trying. dadi says so many memories related to this car. Dadi takes a selfie with shreya. dadi says why hasn’t it started? bhushan says i think i should call mechanic. Ajay says should i try? ajay sits in the car, it starts. Elaichi says i think we should get it serviced.

Snatched 28 February 2020 Update continues as Shreya says there is a mechanic nearby i have his number i will call him. dadi says to ajay come try it.Shreya goes in to call, sanjina follows her. shreya calls a doctor and says its shreya, there is going to be an accident. get an ambulance and bed registered. Accident is going to be serious. Sanjina says is she going to do this with dadi?

Sanjina overhears shreya talking to doctor on call. Shreya turns back, sanjina hides. sanjina says in heart i wont let her do this. Elaichi sees her, Sanjina says i was looking.. elaichi leaves. The mechanic checks the car and says take care of the car. dadi says my husband loved this car more than me but i wasn’t possessive. Dadi sits in the car. Elaichi does the arti. dadi says ask ajay to break the coconut, he will do this in a second. Elaichi gives it to him, ajay crushed the coconut. Shreya wishes luck to dadi and leaves.

Sanjina asks ajay was the mechanic called by shreya? He says no he didn’t come, it was our old one. sanjina says did he check everything? sanjina says because its dadi’s first drive we have to be sure. he says i know. It was our mechanic. She says okay let me help shreya in kitchen, he says no stay out of it.

Shreya pretends to break the coconut in the kitchen, Vinati says isn’t it breaking? shreya says its a rotten coconut. Vinati says let me bring more. Shreya says i have heard that the arti coconut should not be rotten. I don’t believe all this but after what baba said, i keep thinking about it. Vinati says this is all stupid. Mama mammi got really mad at this. No one talks about all this here. Don’t think about what happened yesterday. This positive. She starts cooking. Shreya says in heart i have to come up with something new.

Bhushan tells dadi everything and how to drive. Dadi says you are not a good trainer. why are you taking my test? I will learn from ajay. Shreya comes and says how is all this going? Shreya says where is screw driver? Ajay says i am brining it. he gives her. sheya says the kitchen cupboard’s screw is loose. Ajay says i will do it. Shreya says no i will do it.

Sanjina is cleaning her room, she hears a car crashing. She goes out its samar who says my fav car is broken. Kirlok says we will buy you another one. Sanjina hears dadi saying i dont wanna learn from you, go help shreya. He tries to fix it. Sanjina goes out. Ajay says to sanjina why you came again? SAnjina says dadi why dont you learn from ajay. shreya says uppal an help you as well. dadi says no ajay will teach me. Ajay says yes i will teach you well. shreya asks sanjina did you clean the water? Dadi slipped. what if someone else slips.

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Shreya sits down and does something in the car, sanjina sees her. uppal comes and says to sanjina your tap was loose there is a water in your room. Clean in. Sanjina says yes i am going in a while. ajay says i am sure you must have done this. Go and check it now. Sanjina says okay stay here, dont leave nani alone, teach her everything.

Shreya is lost, bhushan is looking for her.Bhushan calls shreya and says why are you not calling? Elaichi says i called her mom. Someone calls on bhushan’s number from shreya’s phone. He says i am her husband. he says what accident? how? Elaichi and dadi get worried. bhushan says is she okay? i am reaching in a while. Bhushan says i have to go. He runs out.

Bhushan rushes to the hospital. He asks shreya how it happened? She has bruises on her head and foot. She says the brakes failed. Doctor comes in, he says leave her for sometime, she needs to rest. Bhushan says we need to know hoe deep wounds are. He says she has a minor fracture in her foot. Let her stay here. shreya says i wanna go home. daid says yes we are here to take you. dadi says let us take her.

Bhushan comes home he is mad, Kirlok says dont trust that baba bhushan. bhushan says how can’t i? Ajay is a curse for all. He crushed the coconut as well. Thank God dadi didn’t drive. kirlok says it was a coincident. The car was old. Bhushan says why can’t you see. Kirlok says all i can see is that shreya isn’t well take her to the room. Bhushan says just once.. Kirlok says enough. Dont think it again. Have you forgotten whatever we taught you?

Mishri places shreya’s leg on the cuishon. Vinati comes and says does it hurt? Dont move on your own. Bhushan says eat something. Shreya says my hands hurts, bhushan says i will make you eat. He makes her drink the milk. Vinati says lets go and make her soup shreya. bhushan says i don’t know i think whatever baba said was right. Ajay comes in along with sanjina. Ajay says sorry bhabhi if you also think i am responsible for this, the pardon me. Shreya says no its not because of you. It was an accident, thank God dadi is fine. Don’t blame yourself. Ajay says bhaiya.. bhushan leaves.

Sanjina looks in anger at shreya. Shreya says don’t mess with elders sanjina, you are a kid. Sanjina says no one can mess with you, we are all kids in front of you. I was not taught how to manipulate people. Till then focus on your leg. Shreya says keep trying, all the best, i have a suggestion. Go and tell everyone i am acting, go. you are scared because you are a kid? no one is gonna believe you. I and my husband are getting all the attention and the curse label on ajay i permanent. I am making you think so hard. Soon my husband will kick you and ajay out of this house. Your expression tells you can’t believe me. Time will speak everything. in this house only those will live whom it belongs to.

Mishri is in tears. Vinati says shreya will be fine soon, don’t worry. mishri says i am worried about something else. Look things are getting worst day by day. vinati says this is all rubbish you know, everything will be fine soon. Mishri says i dont trust it but.. ajay overhears it. He tells sanjina and says i am responsible for all this. SAnjina says none of the elders believe it, why are you thinking about it. He says why is all this happening. why is my family paying for my mistakes.

Sanjina says please ajay its not your mistake. Ajay says it would be better for me to leave this house. sanjina says you will hurt them again? ajay says they are already hurt. At least this will stop. Sanjina says this is not your mistake its shreya bhabhi’s mistake.

Ajay says what are you saying? she says i am saying truth. He says you accusing her because bhushan called me a curse. All the women live with love in this house. Sanjina says all women but shreya bhabhi. ajay says dont call her bhabhi, you are ot part of us. Sanjina says please understand, i am not lying. he leaves and says dont come for zero hour, i will not go either. Sanjina says how can i make you believe ajay.

Snatched 28 February 2020 Update ends when Dadi, mishri and elaichi come to shreya’s room for zero hour. dadi says everyone will come here. Vinati comes with popcorn and juice for shreya. Elaichi says tomorrow all the women fast, for their husbands or to get a good husband.