Streams of Joy Mid-Year Fasting And Prayer Day 8


Streams of Joy Mid-Year Fasting And Prayer Day 8 (11th July 2022)

Streams of Joy | NSPPD Mid-Year Fasting Prayer Points Day 8

7 Days Down, 3 to go!!! Thank God for the journey so far through our 10 Day Midyear Fast… Tomorrow is another DayπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Read/Study/Meditate: Isa 43:18-19
My wait is over, my long awaited Change has arrived. No more delays. Powers of delay working against my change, you have failed, by the Word of the Lord, scatter by fire.
Every evil altar contracted to maintain the status quo in my business, career, academics and Ministry, spirits of stagnation contending with my destiny, your end has come, by the thunder of Heaven, burn to ashes.
My new season, my change season will not look like my former season. I will not fight in the second half of the year the same battles I fought in the first half. Streams of Joy Mid-Year Fasting
Satanic powers that recycle negativity, die by fire.
My change must be complete. Any power that has vowed to stop my change halfway, listen to me, I say “No to half measures”, oh you powers , in the name of Jesus, perish by fire.
My change season has come with restoration and compensation. Everything that I lost from January to June, oh you “July to December”, you have a mandate, restore in a 100 fold and more. Amen
Like Joseph, my “Change” has brought me before kings and nobles. My days of smallness and mediocrity are over. Streams of Joy Mid-Year Fasting
Today, I come out of every prison of confinement and I rise to my mountain of visibility. Amen
My Change will last, it will not be short lived. Every power that says that I will start the second half of the year with joy, rejoicing and celebration but end with bitter tears, you are a joker, by the ministry of warring Angel, be cut down by fire.
My Change has brought me into the speed lane of destiny, no more slow motion, I move with the speed of the Holy Ghost. Every demonic speed breaker on my destiny highway, by the Hammer of God, be crushed to pieces. Amen. Streams of Joy Mid-Year Fasting
I have been changed to change things! July to December, Out of my belly shall flow Rivers! The Light of God shines brightly in my life, Men and Women shall see the way through my life! Streams of Joy Mid-Year Fasting