The Heir 2 September 2019 Update on Zee World


The Heir 2 September 2019 Update starts with Mannu telling Amba you did wrong, enmity will get high. Amba says it does not matter. Mannu asks can we get Simran married there. She asks are you mad. She says I thought you are smart, after all this, you are talking of peace and relations. Mannu says but Simran is pregnant.

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Amba says baby will not happen. Mannu says you saved Raavi’s baby, will you not let Simran deliver her child, you are Charan’s wife, you can’t talk like this. She says that Amba died, I m not old Amba now, who has bear much injustice.

Amba says now I’ve changed, now I’ll take revenge from everybody, you have to decide are you with me or not. Mannu cries and says where will I’m going leave you. Mannu hugs Amba and says I’ll at all times be with you.

Raman cries in room. Raj tells Raman what occurred in Pavaniya house. Raman asks are you saying truth. Raj says yes. Raman says come, I will tell Simran why I did this. Harjeet drinks and breaks glass. He says I will not leave that Amba. Rohan asks him to calm down. Amrit comes and taunts Harjeet. She says I m happy with your failure, you will know the result of playing with someone’s respect. He asks her to shut up. Swaroop tells Harjeet that they have come back. Astha and her dad come there. Mannu gets Simran to have food.

Amba acts rude to Simran. Simran cries and goes. Astha’s dad says we did not know your wife is mad, Mohini told me everything. Amrit gets angry. Mohini comes there. Harjeet says yes, my wife is mad, then I met Mohini, she has taken care of everyone. Astha’s dad says if we knew you and Mohini are going to get married, this would have not happened.

Harjeet says why not. Astha’s dad says Astha and Raman’s relation is fixed, tomorrow is auspicious day for their marriage. Harjeet agrees. He says I want you to stay here, so that Pavaniyas can’t hurt you. Astha’s dad agrees. Harjeet calls out Mohini. Mohini gets two children and says they are my children from my first marriage. She requests Harjeet to make arrangements for the children in some house. Harjeet agrees. He asks what’s this. She says I m helpless woman and got them here, I have a strange relation with you and could not see your insult.

The Heir 2 September 2019 Update on Zee World

Harjeet says what could I do there. She says you are a big man, I know your respect is imp than my respect, so you have insulted me in front of everyone, I can understand, your heart is so big, I know its imp to support Astha and Raman. He apologizes to her and holds her. She says we have to maintain distance till Astha and Raman get married. She thinks Harjeet believed me, now I will settle scores with Amba.

Mannu goes to Simrran. She says I did big mistake. Amba will never forgive me. Amba comes to them and asks Simran to have food. Simran apologizes to Amba. Amba recalls Simran’s insult. Amba forgives Simran and asks her to repent for her mistake. She says this baby won’t be there. Simran and Mannu get shocked. Amba says no one will marry you in this state, we have to do this work soon.

Amba goes. Mannu consoles Simran. Mannu says I will get this marriage done by any way. Mannu going to village and seeing the marriage arrangements going on in Bajwa house. He asks the tailor to call Raman and talk to Harjeet, so that Mannu can talk to Raman himself. Tailor calls Harjeet and asks for Raman’s sherwani details.

Harjeet asks Raman to talk. Mannu takes the call and asks him to run away and marry Simran, its about her life. Raman refuses and says its about Amrit’s life, Harjeet has locked her in room. Mannu gets sad. The men play dhol and tell Jagan about Raman’s marriage. The man says Harjeet has sent us and said none can stop Raman’s marriage. Jagan gets angry on him. Mohini comes and says no need to beat him, he is doing what Harjeet said, I was waiting to see tension on Amba’s face.

Amba says Raman’s marriage did not happen yet, it will not happen. Mohini taunts Amba. Amba says I have nothing to lose, such person is very dangerous. Mannu comes home and looks on. Mohini says it will be fun and dances on dhol. She leaves with the men. Jagan says Mohini is jumping again. Amba says you were going to risk life, we have to get Mohini’s poison out. Jagan and Amba leave. Sukhi asks Mannu what happened to Amba, she is talking like Jagan. Harjeet says Amba is talking like Jagan.

Mohini says let her say, how does it matter. He says if she does anything to stop marriage then… Mohini says leave it on me, they will not get out of my trap. Mannu says I have to get Raman here to get him married to Simran, but I m scared for Amrit. Sukhi says I wish Jai was here, he has all solutions. Mannu says yes, you gave me such a nice idea. Mannu hugs Sukhi and smiles. Raj says this marriage is Raman’s destruction. Raj prays to Lord to help Mannu, so that they stop the marriage. Mohini asks Astha to go parlor and get ready, you have to look beautiful bride.

Astha says how can I go, dad asked me not to go, as there are many enemies. Raj hears them. Mohini sees Raj and says you think Pavaniyas will kidnap you. They can’t dare to do this, you go and don’t be scared. Astha goes. Raj says I have to inform Mannu, its chance to stop marriage. Mohini looks on and smiles. Mannu and Sukhi get a drunkard and ask him to do his work. Raj thinks how to go out. Mohini asks the men to put fruits and flowers in tempo. Raj hears her and sits in flower basket.

Mohini sees Raj and smiles, saying this boy hass no sense. The men keep flower basket in tempo. Simran sees Raman’s pic and smiles thinking of him. Amba takes the pic and scolds her. She burns the pic and says I burnt your love today, you are upset right, you burnt this house’s respect. Simran cries. She says Raman and I love each other. She shows the pic ashes and says Raman is my husband now and I m his wife. She applies ashes in her maang.

Amba gets shocked. Jagan gets Raj home. Raj tells Amba that Jagan caught me, I came to meet Mannu. Amba asks why, what news do you want to give him. Jagan asks him to say. Amba says Jagan is very dangerous, if he gets angry, I can’t say anything and stop him, tell me.

Raj says I came to tell Mannu that Astha is going parlor, I don’t want Raman to marry Astha, he should marry Simran. Amba asks are you saying truth. Raj says nothing is imp to me than Raman. Amba says Jagan, we have to keep him here till we get Astha, then Raman’s marriage won’t happen. Jagan takes Raj and asks him to rest. Simran cries. Amba recalls her challenge to Harjeet.

Amba and Jagan stop Bajwas jeep to kidnap Astha. Jagan asks Astha to come. Jagan and Amba get shocked seeing a man in ghunghat. Jagan shouts Harjeet. Raman asks Amrit is she fine. She asks him to go and marry Simran. He says Simran is my love, but you are my mum. She says don’t worry for me, your life will be ruined, this enmity will never end. He says life is already spoiled and cries. She knocks door and calls him out. Raman runs. The Heir 2 September 2019 Update on Zee World

Raman shouts on Harjeet and scolds him for controlling his life. He says I will not do this marriage. Harjeet threatens him. Raman asks shall I marry by your wish, you insulted Simran and locked Amrit in room, fine, if I m not alive, whom will you make me marry, this is poison. He drinks poison. Swaroop asks what are you doing, are you mad.

Raman breaks bottle and says I m leaving forever, congrats Harjeet. Amrit hears Raman and cries. Raman falls down. Swaroop and Harjeet get shocked. Swaroop shouts Raman. Swaroop asks someone to call Amrit. Mohini asks servant to get water and make Raman vomit. Amrit runs to Raman. Astha’s dad checks Raman.

Swaroop asks is Raman fine. Astha’s dad says I m sorry, he is no more. They all get shocked and cry. Swaroop says check him again. Amrit holds Harjeet’s collar and scolds him for killing Raman for his fake respect. Harjeet says I did not know this will happen, that Raman will take his life.

Jagan lifts Raj and says you lied to me, I will not leave you. Raj says no, I said true. Jagan says then why did we not get Astha in jeep, they played game. Raj says Mohini said this, I heard her and told you. Jagan aims gun at Raj. Amba stops him. Jagan says this boy is Bajwa, what do you want, shall I return him to Harjeet, its their plan. Amba says we will answer them. Raj sits sad. Amba smiles.

Amrit and Swaroop cry for Raman. Jagan and Amba come there. Jagan shoots in air and asks Harjeet to come and see, Pavaniyas has come with baraat. Harjeet, Mohini and Swaroop go downstairs. Amba says we told you there won’t be marriage in this house, just mourning will be done here. They get Raj. Amba says Raj came to us and did not know we ended all hope of friendship. Jagan says you can’t lose a son for other son’s marriage. He aims gun at Raj. Swaroop cries.

Amba asks Mohini to go and get bride, you tried to cheat, let’s make you happy today, it will happen what you wanted. Amrit comes and says you said right Amba, just mourning can be seen here, I lost a son, I can’t bear more enmity, Raman consumed poison. Amba, Raj and Jagan get shocked. Amrit cries and says leave my Raj, you are also a mother. Amba says leave it Jagan, Lord has punished them for their deeds, let’s leave. Amba and Jagan leave with the men.

Raj cries and shouts Raman. Mannu goes to Raman and shakes him. Sukhi says how will Simran’s marriage happen now. Mannu asks Raman to wake up. Raman removes the cloth over his face. The drunkard gets shocked. Sukhi gets scared.

Raman and Mannu smile and join hands. Mannu recalls Jai’s words and making plan to get drunkard in his plan. Mannu passes message to Raman. Raman looks around and sees Mannu. He reads Mannu’s plan about consuming the herbs, we will take you to marry Simran. Fb ends. Raman hugs Mannu.

The Heir 2 September 2019 Update comes to an end as Mannu asks Sukhi to be at door. He asks drunkard to lie down as dead body in Raman’s place. Drunkard says wait, I did not drink, I will drink and come. Mannu says no, drink later, come sit. They make the drunkard lie and cover him. Raman says Mannu whom did you get, he will spoil all work. The man tries to run away. Raman catches him and sees Mohini in corridor. He gets shocked.