This is Fate 21 September 2020 Update


This is Fate 21 September 2020 Update
This is Fate 21 September 2020 Update Zee World

This is Fate 21 September 2020 Update starts as Preeta explains that anyone can get ill and she was not the only one, Prithvi also got unconscious so was taken to his phone, Sarla requests that she call him as she wants to enquire about his health,Shrishti pleads with her to just have a sip off the water.

Preeta is calling Prithvi, Shrishti does not like that preeta is calling him as she was talk with him asking about his health, then Sarla will also talk with him so her time will be wasted, she does not want that to happen, she has something else in mind which she will do as Preeta will never take the initiative, she will never go against Sarla so it now up to her for planning, she has the courage to do what she wants, and it is the matter of her sisters entire life so she will work on anything for her sister and even bear the scolding of Sarla.

Shrishti walks up to Preeta, hugging her, Preeta is surprised asking about the reason she is loving her, Shrishti responds that she just wanted to show her love which she feels for preeta. Sarla is happy to see them both, Shrishti leaves saying that she has something important to do, Preeta explains that Prithvi is not answering his phone and must be resting, Sarla agrees to talk him later.Preeta wonders where Shristhi has gone, Sarla explains that she feels she ahs gone to the hall to inspect about the damage, preeta thinks otherwise as she believes that Shrishti never does her work so she has gone somewhere else.

Janki comes informing that Rupali has arrived. Sarla says that she is the elder daughter if the caterer, Sarla knows that she came for the bill, Preeta assures that she has to rest as Preeta will look after the matter, Janki asks Sarla how she is feeling, Sarla explains that she is feeling a little better,

Preeta greets Rupali who is apologetic for coming so late, she request to borrow the large pots of their house, she asks if they have gotten a big contract, Rupali explains that it is of the famous caterer, Preeta is astonished to know that it is off karan, she hides her pain then decided to give the pots.

Janki feels that she has seen the pain in Preetas eyes when Rupali mentioned Karan’s engagement, she thinks that the reason Preeta refused to marry Prithvi must be because she still wants to remain as karan wife.Rupali asks Rakhi if she can use the tissue paper from their personal kitchen as they cannot find the carton. Rakhi calls Ganesh ordering that he makes sure Rupali gets everything that she needs, she sees Shrishti coming from the front door wondering that she might also be invited to the party.

Shristhi after entering the house is shocked to see karina, she immediately hides from her then pretend to talk with another lady, when she leaves, Shrishti goes to Sameer’s room.He is getting ready for the function, she comes from behind he is shocked to see her, she closes the door asking if he will help her in breaking the engagement, Sameer says that he cannot help her because Karina warned that if she found him helping Shrishti then she will throw him out of the house.

Shrishti tries to explain that he should think in the long run because when karina will come to know that she was wrong then she will have nothing to fell bad for so will also forgive them. She explains that he said he was the one who had the engagement ring, she wants that he give it to her because when there will be no ring then the engagement will also cancel, he refuses to give it to her but she is contented to take it, they struggle making her fall on him on the bed, they both stare in each other’s eyes,

Shrishti takes his hand to his pockets and is looking for the ring, just then Ramona comes in, she apologizes for coming without asking as she thought it was her room, she leaves, Sameer feels tensed wondering if she tells anyone, Shrishti asks who that women was, she gets angry knowing that she was Maira mother.

Sameer stops her asking what she might have done, she explains that she would have done something because she feels that Maira wants to marry karan and feels that she is stubborn.Karan is in his room thinking that he Is really happy as he is getting engaged so wants to tell it to her, but he does not want to, however he still cannot forget thinking about her.

Preeta is also happy that she did not marry Prithvi as she is still Karan’s wife, so she thinks of punishing but her heart does not want to hurt him, yet she is still not able to forget him and she had the choice to not accept the relation even when everyone asked him yet she refused to hear anything and she gave him the right, Karan says that he is really happy to marry someone else, he decides to take his photo and sends it to Preeta, she after looking at it starts to weep, he is wondering why she did not reply.

He thinks that she might be hurting after seeing him happy, Preeta says that she never feels hurted but thinks that he is really a bad person, Karan gets curious then types a message, Preeta warns him to not message her otherwise she will block him, he also asks her to do what she likes.he then wonders if she might have really blocked the number, he sends a text message, and is shocked to see that she ahs not blocked it, then he sends another text saying that he will delete her number after sending the text. She is also relieved that he will finally do it.

Maira is getting ready in the room, she is not able to decide on the hair style and gets angry at the final result, she demands that they call the head beautician, but they deny as she has other preoccupations.Shrishti is looking for Maira room, she wonders that she will be in the guest room.Karan texts that he is missing his friend, she after seeing the text types that he does not care about their relation anymore so there is nothing to talk about, he is not the person whom she called her friend.Preeta is wondering what karan typed in the message, Karan is also not able to control himself so is constantly thrashing his room. They both are really tensed with the situation

Maira bursts out at the beautician, boasting about her status, Shrishti hides behind the door wondering what has happened with Maira and the reason she is scolding the worker, Maria explains that the engagement is very important to her and she is about to get married with karan, there are a lot of guests coming to the party, she wanted to look the best but her plans have been ruined the worker, she explains that she will not leave unless she looks really nice and this will result in a scene that will ruin the business of the company.

She instructs her to listen to each and every detail, her friend tries to calm her down making her realize that she should not worry, she says that if she does not care for her then should leave, this hurts the sentiments of her friend who leaves.Shrishti is standing thinking that she wants to look really pretty so she must do something that will ruin her function. She thinks and then goes to execute her plan.

Dadi is sitting with some of the guests explaining that she knows Karan is a lot different from others, she is sure that his wedding will be one of a kind, she does not need to worry about the wife which he has chosen as she will be his girlfriend till the end. Her friends joke that she married someone else and had an affair with someone else, now has befriended the famous karan Luthra.

She explains that she knows of her beauty but knows that she has had luck in the life matters, one of the friend takes their excuse and leaves, she bumps into Shrishti who is shocked to see Dadi, she wonders what she can do as if she is caught then there would be nothing that she can do, Shrishti starts to act as if she is blind, all of them feel contended apologizing to her.

Shrishti apologizes explaining that if she could see then would have changed her path, the lady is not able to comprehend the clash in Shrishti statement, she explains that god has not given her the sight but has blessed her with the power to listen from her heart so she can realize the place where she is standing, she explains that she knows how they would be, Sameer is shocked to see her wondering if she would be able to get out from the situation.

Dadi calls her friend, who asks if she can help her reach any place, she at once denies any help, Dadi calls Sameer but he refuses saying that he has some important work to finish and leaves without listening to anything that she has to say.Shrishti is relieved for being safe wondering that it would have been a real problem if she has been caught and is apologetic that she had to act like that.

Samer comes from behind asking what is happening he enquires the reason she was acting as if she is blind, she says that she came to find him but bumped into the lady, she also saw Dadi near by and if she had not acted then would have been scolded by not only the lady but also Dadi, she does not have the time to bear any scolding as she has to do something really important.

Sameer pleads that she talk slow but she does not listen saying that she does not have time for it, she ask if he has a dress which has silk in it, she even shows him a photo, Sameer after seeing wonders where he had seen that kind of a dress, he explains that Kartika had bought it when she went to japan, he asks why she needs it.

She explains that she needs it for herself, she asks him to go and get it for her but he denies saying that if he takes it then Kartika would get angry with her, she scolds him for being such a coward,Rakhi is walking when Shrishti comes disguised in the dress, she sees her then stops asking who she is, Shristhi prays that Rakhi not recognize her otherwise it would create a lot of problems, she comes saying that she has recognized who she is and has never seen such tall Japanese girls, she praises for her good looks, then when Shrishti answers in Hindi.

Rakhi wonders how she can speak Hindi Rakhi gets suspicious then asks from where did she get the dress, Shrishti mentions that she will bring a new dress for her as a gift, she then leaves her.

Maira is still not happy with the hairstyle and is scolding the worker, she orders that she leave as she is not satisfied, the worker leaves in disappointment, Shrishti vows to make Maria realize who she is, she enters the room, Maira is shocked to see her so asks for her identity, Maira is not able to believe that she is a Japanese, Shrishti tries to explain that she was sent by the owner of the service, Maira wonders how she can come so early as she had just tried to call her,

Shrishti assures her off the best service, making her sit in the chair, when Maira asks about the hairstyle she makes up a plan for her which would make sure that she looks the most beautiful so it would not be like the last beautician, Maira gets suspicious asking how does she know that the previous worker had ruined the hairstyle.

Shrishti says that she had complained about her to the owner, Maira wonders how she could have complained when she had just left. Shrishti asks her to close her eyes and wait for the magic to happen, she takes the blow dryer in her hands then says that she would make sure that Maria is not even able to see her own face.

Karan comes to Mahesh’s room with his favourite whisky, he responds by saying that he wants to see Mahesh for hours as he knows that he would wake one day and ask how he is, he explains that he needs him and wants him to ask how his cricket is, he wants that Mahesh take care of his responsibilities even when he knows Rishab would always take care of her, he 0pleads that Mahesh come back,He also says that he is doing really well then pleads that he open his eyes and ask the reason why he is doing this,

karan exclaims that he needs him explaining that if he does not wake then he would be ruined. Karan shares that he was the one who set the Kumkum Bhagya hall on fire, it was not a big one and even Rishab was with him who took care of everything, however it was his responsibility so he should have been the one to take care of the situation as how can Preeta marry someone else.

He explains that Mahesh always considered him as a friend and never scolded him but he wants that he scold him now asking why he set the hall on fire, he hugs Mahesh then Rakhi comes from behind, she is shocked to see karan then asks him to get up, she assures that his father would soon wake up and will hug them all, she praises karan for his good looks, Rakhi explains that she wants to share something, that she felt guilty because he was marrying someone and Preeta was not but now she ahs also married someone else, karan exclaims that she was not able to marry.

Preeta is staring at Karan’s photo, she is not able to control her anger so starts to blame Shrishti for ruining the room, she throws the entire clothes in the cupboard, then seeing the side from where she had torn the posters of karan, she gets angry and also injures her finger.

This is Fate 21 September 2020 Update ends as Janki comes with the tea then is shocked to see her cut, she is not able to see her crying.Janki thinks that she will not ask the reason as she is aware, because she knows that they are because of Karan.