Today Daily Devotional 2 May 2022 : Inspirational Message And Prayer


Today Daily Devotional 2 May 2022
Today Daily Devotional 2 May 2022: Inspirational Message and Prayer

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Topic: I Will Praise Him

Scripture: psalm 34:1-4

Today Daily Devotional 2 May 2022 Message

Our theme of praising and thanking God continues as we contemplate Easter. This passage from the psalms gives us a reminder that it is in God we boast, not ourselves, and we ask God to be even more within us.

If we are to exalt God’s name together, it presumes that we have found others who also want to praise God. That means we need to reach out to others. I once heard a wonderful definition of evangelization, which we are all called to be about.

The preacher said that evangelization is seeing the God in the other and allowing the other to see the God in us. We can only achieve the second part of that equation by allowing God to increase in us so that our behavior imitates that of Christ.

The way we achieve the first half is to see each individual as a face of God. Genesis tells us that we are made in the image and likeness of God. Genesis doesn’t say that some people are made in the image and likeness of God, it says all humanity is.

Again, we are given a reminder that we have nothing to boast about on our own. People are not drawn to a boastful person, but meekness can attract. It is easier to be meek if we remember that all we have is gift. When we are willing to admit this to ourselves, it is easier to see others as equals, which in turn makes it easier to see everyone as brothers and sisters, children of the one God.

Prayer for Today: Lord, you have created us, you formed us in your image and you have given us all we have. You have called us to share these gifts with others in thanks and praise. Let us be open to sharing your love with all those you send us. Amen.

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