Today Daily Devotional 3 May 2022 : Inspirational Message And Prayer


Today Daily Devotional 3 May 2022
Today Daily Devotional 3 May 2022: Inspirational Message and Prayer

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Topic: My Light and My Salvation

Scripture: psalm 27:1-4

Today Daily Devotional 3 May 2022 Message

This psalm is such a favorite of mine that I have requested it for my funeral. My life has seen a lot of loss, grandparents, parents, siblings, a child, grandchildren and my marriage. Especially following the death of my son, people would ask how I could go on. For me, the answer was obvious; I knew that God was with me all the way. His presence in my life was a constant from my youngest days, and I am eternally grateful for that.

Now this doesn’t mean that I didn’t tell God that I wasn’t happy with some of the things I had to deal with! We had many conversations when I was alone in my car and no one could hear me complaining! I always figured that God has big shoulders so he could handle it.

After all, even Jesus questioned him in the garden that night. My faith in him is strong enough that I believe that he will answer my deep-seated desire to spend eternity with my loved ones in the presence of my loving God.

Prayer for Today: Loving God, you are with me always. I believe that you will answer my prayers and continue to be by my side as unwanted pain comes into my life as time goes by. For this I give you thanks. Amen.

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