Twist of Fate 10 May 2020 Update


Twist of Fate 10 May 2020 Update on Zee World

The episode starts wtih Purab’s uncle, aunty and cousin coming to his house. They ask how come he suddenly is getting married and asks if he is married the same girl whom he thinks about whole night. Aunt asks when is he letting them meet Bulbul.

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Bulbul comes home and sees people at home. She asks who are they. Daadi says they came for your alliance. Bulbul says she does not want to marry and asks them to go from there. Guests ask if she is in love with someone. Bulbul gets into her room and reminisces her happy days with Purab and then Purab and Aaliya’s engagement, she starts crying vigorously.

Pragya prepares food with chef. He asks how she knows preparing such a tasty food. She says she learnt it from her mother. Mitali smells food aroma and asks who is preparing it. Chef asks if she needs anything. She says she came to learn preparing food from Pragya and says she knows how to handle kids, do pooja, prepare food, etc., well, so she has to learn everything from her.

She searches something. Chef asks what is she searching. She asks him to take out the box and says she wants to prepare food, but does not know how. She says Pragya handles many men, she has to learn at least to handle her husband. She says tomorrow is Aaliya’s mehandi, let us see if Pragya will write Abhi, Purab, or Suresh’s name on her hands and smirks.

Aaliya calls Purab and asks why did not he come to meet her. He says his uncle/aunty have come. She says she will come and meet them. He says they are going out. She asks if they asked about their bahu/Aaliya. He says not yet. She asks him to tell her I love you, else he has to tell it in front of his uncle/aunty. He hesistantly says I love you. His cousin hears that and taunts him when is he taking her to meet bhabhi.

Aaliya serves food to daadi. Daadi says if she eats such a tasty food, she will get well soon. Daadi tries to get up saying she has to take care of Aaliya’s marriage preparations. Pragya asks her to relax while she will take care of it. Daadi suggests to take Abhi’s help. Pragya says he will increase the work instead. Daadi says she is telling true.

Inspector reaches Abhi’s house. Abhi says marriage is tomorrow. Inspector he came to arrest him as there is a complaint against him for hit and run. Aaliya says if he would hit someone, he would not have stood here. Inspector says an eye witness has identified him and his car number. Aaliya says bhai is a rock star and he cannot go like that. Inspector says it would be good for them if Abhi comes with him.

Abhi says he did not any accident. Inspector has to come with him anyhow for the investigation and he has to check his car also. Abhi agrees and goes with him tp check cars. Abhi goes and stands near his car hiding the dent. Pragya asks Abhi why did not he inform him about the accident and what are these scratches on his car. Inspector overhears her and sees scratches, he asks Abhi to come with him then. Pragya asks if that was the reason he was checking about hit and run punishment on net and asks if the girl with him was Tanu. Abhi says yes and it is none of her business, he goes with inspector. Pragya thinks if news about Tanu with Abhi leaks, mom will know about their affair.

Aaliya calls Tanu and informs her about the accident. Tanu says it is true and accident happened because of her as she forcefully fed alcohol to Abhi and kissed him while he hit a street vendor. Aaliya gets annoyed and says why is she getting her more troubles and asks if she has to think about her marriage or her brother. Tanu says she is thinking about herself. Aaliya says she is thinking only about herself and Purab now and ask her again to stop increases problems. Tanu says it is not her fault, but Aaliya cuts call angrily.

Abbhi reaches police station and sees Suresh with an injured man. He says inspector that Suresh is a nice man, why did he bring him here. Inspector says he is the one who brought the injured man and complained about him, says he knows more law than us. Abhi reminisces Sursh fighting with him and he kicking him out of his house and thinks he is taking revenge for that. Abhi asks Suresh if he is taking revenge from him. Suresh says yes.

Abhi says he is taking revenge for his sister. Suresh says it is Pragya and he is taking revenge for torturing Pragya, he says he is betraying Pragya for Tanu and saw him with her in his car yesterday. He says he cannot see Pragya in pain. Abhi asks him how much he needs. Suresh says he cares only about friendship and will get Pragya justice. Abhi says he will repent on his decision and cannot win. Suresh says he just wants to fulfill his friendship. Pragya comes and hears their whole conversation.

Suresh tells Abhi that he will fulfill his friendship. Abhi goes from there asking to fullfill. Pragya comes there and requests Suresh to take back his complaint. Suresh says he will not as Abhi tried to kill an innocent man, he says though she may forgive Abhi, he will not and will protect the truth. Pragya reminisces Sarla doubting Abhi’s behavior. Suresh says if he had not been there, man would have died, so Abhi should be punished. Aaliya holds Suresh’s hand and requests him not to do that. Abhi sees them both and thinks if both of them are togheter and conspiring against him.

Pragya takes Suresh near her home, shows Sarla and says she does not want Sarla to die hearing about he separation with Abhi. She cannot say her that Abhi does not love her, her lie is a big happiness for her mother, until she is happy it does not matter if she is sad.

Abhi comes sees them together again and thinks surely they both are trying to take revenge from me. Pragya apologizes Suresh to take back his complaint, else Sarla will watch Tannu and Abhi’s news and will not tolerate it. Suresh apologizes Pragya for not understanding her, says he cannot take back the complaint as he is just an evidence, but he will try to explain panwala to take back his complaint, he will not promise her though as his promises wont be fulfilled.

Pragya thanks her. Suresh says seeing her like this, he feels pain. Pragya asks her not to feel pain as her will continue like this, the lie she is living is more than her life. Abhi who is watching them thinks Pragya is trying to take his money by sending him to jail, but he will send them to jail instead. Suresh thinks she loves Abhi, so she is doing this.

Akash talks to his lawyers and asks him to get Abhi’s bail papers ready. Taiji praises him and says he is helping his brother. Daadi comes with her cousins and asks why are they looking tensed and where is Abhi. Taiji says police station. Daadi gets tensed and asks what happeend. Aaliya says Abhi made an accident with his car and police wants to know which car it is. Daadi worriedly cries. Abhi comes there. Daadi hugs him and says she is worried about him.

Abhi says nothing happened to him. Cousin daadi says he is linked with PRagya now who is like a Savitri and will protect him. Abhi thinks she will kill him instead of protecting. Pragya comes. Abhi jokes his Savitri came.

Cousin daadi asks Daadi to relax, and asks Pragya to hold Abhi’s hand and says their faith are united now, so not to worry. Abhi says hope had an electric current in his hand, he would have electrocuted her. She says his words are like electric current. He says cousin dadi that he has little formalities to finish. Cousin daadi says until Pragya is there, nothing will happen to her. Daadi asks Abhi to promise he will not drink. Abhi angrily agrees, says he will drink Pragya’s blood instead.

Purab brings his uncle/aunt and cousin to select wedding dresses. He thinks how to inform her that he is marrying Aaliya and not bulbul. Bulbul enters the same shopping mall. Cousin identifies her and introduces her parents to her. Uncle/aunty introduce themselves and say they wanted to meet her tomorrow in wedding, but met her by change today itself. Bulbul asks whose wedding. Cousin asks if she is joking, says it is her weddding. Bulbul is shocked to hear that.

Bulbul comes there. Bulbul asks what are they talking about. Chachi and cousin asks Bulbul to come with them for the rest of shopping. Purab says she is not the girl he is marrying and says he is marrying Abhi’s sister Aaliya. Cousin asks when he loves Bulbul, how can he marry someone else. Purab says it is a big story which he will tell them later and asks them not to take Bulbul’s name in marriage.

Abhi asks his lawyers to handle his case. Lawyer says already police have taken his tests and statements, so he cannot escape unless panwala takes back his case. Abhi asks if he came to rescue him or trap him and asks him to tell another option. He suggests to tell girl with him was Pragya and not Tanu. Abhi says he will not and asks them to find another option. Pragya who hears them asks Abhi to listen to elders. Abhi asks if she is trying to control. Pragya says daadi gave her permission. She asks him to wear her selected clothes in wedding.

Daadi telling that she is worried about her Aaliya’s marriage and hope her dignity is not lost. Pragya says she can handle everything as Sarla and she used to handle neighbours issues. Daadi says hope police should not file false cases on Abhi. Pragya realizes she is talking about case instead of Aaliya’s mehandi. Daadi says mehandi will happen somehow. Pragya says not worry even about case and says she will not let Abhi wear his golden sherwani today. Daadi says he will wear the same. Pragya asks her to believe her and murmurs she knows how to make people’s weakness as her strength. Daadi is confused hearing that.

Abhi sees golden sherwani on bed and says it is his favourite sherwani. Pragya says she took it out and wants him to wear the same. Abhi gets egoistic and says he will not wear it, he stamps it with his feet. Pragya turns and smirks. She turns back and falls, but Abhi holds her. They both look into each other’s eyes. Allah wariyan… song plays in the background. Abhi gets conscious and drops her on bed. He throws sherwani and thinks he will burn it.

Twist of Fate 10 May 2020 Update on Zee World

Pragya meets Suresh and asks why did he call her. Sursh says panwala wants money to take back his case. Abhi looks them together and gets annoyed. Pragya says Suresh she wants to meet panwala and to bring him near their house. She gets into auto and leaves while he leaves in his scooter. Abhi thinks they both are conspiring against him.

Bulbul reaches her home and reminisces Purab’s cousin calling her bhabhi. Purab also sits sad at his home. Cousin and her mom ask why he is not marrying Bulbul. Purab asks them not to talk about this as he does not want to discuss it. He looks at Bulbul’s pic and cries Bulbul cries at her home. Bhulaadiya…. song plays in the background. They both reminisce their happy days and cry vigorously.

Suresh and Pragya meet panwala. Pragya asks him how is he and asks what will he get by complaining against her husband. He says he will get justice as he is the breadwinner of his family. She gives her jewelry and asks panwala to accept it. Suresh says this is same jewelry which Sarla gave her with great difficulty. Pragya says what will she do with these if her marriage is not saved. She asks panwala to take the jewelry and just do what she ways. Panwala accepts it. Abhi comes there and sees PRagya and Suresh with Panwala.

He thinks he will torture Pragya that she will reveal her truth herself. He gets home and starts watching TV. Pragya looks at him and thinks he is always in an angry mood, he should not have been a singer. Abhi thinks he should have been a boxer and would have knocked out Abhi. Pragya tries to take blanket from Abhi, but he does not give it. She asks if he thinks he only has brain. He says no it is with you. She takes blanket and tries to go, sees horror movie and gets frightened. She requests Abhi to switch it off. Abhi says her face is more frightening and asks her to go and sleep in balcony. Abhi then gets frigtened himself, switches off TV and sleeps.

Pragya comes in. He thinks a devil has come and gets shivers in fear. He shouts bhoot and hides himself in blanket. Pragya also gets frigtened and hides herself in blanket. They both again see other and get afraid thinking each other as ghost/booth. Abhi then jokes he is not afraid of ghost. She says he is right, 2 ghosts cannot live together. Abhi asks her to look at her face and asks her go out. She tries to leave, but he requests her to sleep on the bed. She asks him not to switch off the lights but sleeps.

He looks at the window and fluttering curtains, gets afraid and goes near Pragya. She asks why is he crossing border. He says window is open and to close it. She asks him to close himself or sleep. Remote falls down and TV switches on, they both get afraid and sleep looking at each other.

Daadi asks Pragya to take care of the mehandi ceremony. She asks Abhi to take the items in his room. Abhi angrily looks at Pragya and asks to help him. When they both hold the gifts, servant takes table from there. He asks if she is enjoying seeing him working at her level. She says she is not like him who gets afraid of ghost. He says he is not and asks her not to tell it to media. She asks if he is afraid of media. He says he will give her twice money than media. She says she will not reveal home secrets to outsiders, sees Tanu and asks him to go and enjoy with his girlfriend Tanu. Abhi drops items in her hands and goes. She stumbles, but Akash holds her.

Twist of Fate 10 May 2020 Update ends as Cousin daadis see Tanu and Abhi and asks Tanu if she will work or just talk. Tanu says she will help Aaliya with her mehandi. Dadi says if husband’s name is written on hand, their love increases. Tanu gets excited. Daadis say it is for married women and not for her. Tanu says Abhi that she will write his name on her hands and asks him to wait and watch. She kisses him and leaves