Twist of Fate 19 April 2020 Update


Twist of Fate 19 April 2020 Update on Zee World

The episode begins as Purab tells Aaliya that he doesn’t know how, but he fell in love with someone else. And now he doesn’t want to spoil her life by marrying her. Aaliya understands it’s a girl from his office. She asks him if she’s a good kisser? what’s so special in her that Purab doesn’t find in Aaliya? She tells him that she rejected many proposals from more handsome boys than Purab just because she thought Purab would stay loyal to his commitments, to his girlfriend.

Purab tries to explain it to her, but she says if he fell in love with someone else, then do anything, ditch her, and get her out of his life. She leaves.

Purab calls Bulbul and asks her to meet up. She says she told everything to Pragya and she will handle everything. She asks him to come to her home, but he says he wants to talk about something important. She says ok and gives him a location.

Dimpy is going to Suresh’s house. Maami follows her hoping to gather some proof against Suresh. Arvind is doing something behind the bed. Dimpy offers him help. Maami takes out her camera. Dimpy is actually offering help to Arvind to clean the house. Maami makes noise and they see her. Maami says she was just checking whether her camera works or no. She says she will help them out as well. She picks up some trash and leaves. She throws it in a dustbin and sees some letters.

She checks them and they are written by Suresh for Bulbul and there is a photo as well. She keeps them with her and goes to Bulbul’s house. Purvi informs Bulbul went to some place for office work. Pragya comes home. Maami thinks of telling Sarla, but then says Bulbul will be the best person to tell as she won’t stay quiet. She leaves.

Sarla asks Pragya if any problem in collecting mangalsutra. Pragya says no. Sarla asks how is it. Pragya gives it to her and says it’s expensive, but it’s good. Sarla shows the mangalsutra to others. Pragya says in her mind, she didn’t face any problem, but she met Abhi again. Other hand, Abhi also recalls his meeting with Pragya. Both wonder why destiny brings them together again and again. Abhi gets a call from doctor regarding his Daadi’s health. Abhi tells her that he wants to talk to her and asks her to reach his home. He heads to his home.

Twist of Fate 19 April 2020 Update – Rajjo asks Pragya how her and Suresh fell in love? was it love in first sight? Pragya starts blushing. She says nothing like that happened. They both used to just care for each other. She gets lost into flashbacks. Suresh comes and says Sarla had asked him to bring something. He goes inside. Pragya smiles looking at him. She tells Rajjo, Suresh does not only care for her, but he also cares for her whole family. He’s her neighbor, but takes her family as his own. May be her care was love and she didn’t know. Rajjo says her brother is going to get the best wife and she will get the best elder sis. She hugs her.

Bulbul is waiting for Purab. She says he gets mad at her when she’s few minutes late for the office, and he’s so late. She says, let him come. Maami comes to her and Bulbul is surprised to see her. Maami says she found something very important and she wanted to tell her as it’s about her. Bulbul wonders if she found out about Purab.

Maami tells her that Suresh is betraying Pragya. Bulbul tells her she doesn’t like such type of jokes. Maami shows her letters and says Suresh loves her, not Pragya. Bubul is shocked. She recalls the flashbacks and realizes that Suresh tried to express his feelings to her. She breaks down. Maami tells her not to take any decision in rush and leaves. Maami says to herself that Suresh thinks he’s SRK, he took away marriage hall from them, now she will make sure his marriage breaks. Suresh sees Maami and asks her for a lift. Maami says she has lots of work to do and leaves.

Purab finally comes and sees Bulbul crying. Bulbul tells him that someone betrayed her sister. She asks him he won’t betray her, right? He says no and hugs her. Suresh sees it and becomes sad. He takes his scooter is reverse and leaves.

Twist of Fate 19 April 2020 Update on Zee World

Abhi meets the doctor and the doctor informs him that Daadi is taking too much stress which is not good for her. After doctor leaves, Daadi says she has tension about Abhi’s marriage only. Once he marries, all her tension will be gone.

Abhi promises he will marry. Daadi gets happy and says she has already chosen a girl for him, but he says that the girl will be of his choice. Daadi says fine. She says in her mind, she wants Abhi to get married to Pragya, but she doesn’t even know Pragya’s location. Abhi tells Daadi not to take stress now.

Sarla gets dizzy and Pragya holding her from falling down. Whole family gets worried seeing her. Pragya scolds Sarla for overworking. Sarla says he is fine and asks her family to get back to work. She asks Pragya not to work as she is the would be wife. Madhavi asks Sarla to select Kurta for Suresh. Sarla asks Pragya to select kurta and goes from there. Pragya checks a kurta and says its collar is tight. Maami hears her and says she has prepared hanging rope for Suresh.

Suresh remembers Bulbul hugging Purab and saysing him I love you. He starts crying. Pragya is worried about Suresh that he did not reach home. Bulbul reaches Suresh’s room and asks why is he hiding the truth. He asks what is she talking about. Bulbul says he loves her and is marrying Pragya. She says she let them in their house as Pragya loves him and says she wanted to become like Pragya always as she is perfect.

She says Suresh that he is materialist like others and says she does not care about his feelings and loves someone else. She asks him if he does not love Pragya, then why is he marrying her. Suresh says he does not love Pragya, but she is too good that he will eventually love her later and says only love is not important in life. Bulbul says Suresh does not deserve Pragya and says she will inform everything to Pragya.

Suresh says Pragya knows everything and says he told Pragya that he wanted to marry her, but when he saw Bulbul with someone else, he got emotional. Bulbul says it wrong. Pragya hears their whole conversation. Bulbul says Pragya needs someone who loves her. Arvind informs Pragya that Suresh still loves Bulbul and it is not his mistake to marry her even after that and asks Pragya to take a decision.

Pragya sadly comes out of Suresh’s room crying and walks on the road. Teri khata hai mere jia…. song plays in the background. She remembers Suresh proposing her to marry him and she asking him later why he does not love her. She comes to her house and locks herself in her room. She remembers then Suresh telling Bulbul that only love is not enough for marriage and says he is not happy about this marriage. Pragya starts crying vigorously.

Abhi is rehearsing his new song. He takes a ring out and gets sad. His friends ask why is he sad. Abhi says he will come back later and goes from there. Aaliya watches Pragya and Purab’s pic. Abhi comes there and asks what is she looking at. Aaliya hides the pic and says she was looking at her and Purab’s pic. She asks if he wants to marry Pragya on daadi’s insistence. Abhi says he will marry Tannu. Aalilya says Tannu is career oriented, so she may not marry him. Abhi says he will convince Tannu to marry him. Aaliya congratulates him.

Sarla comes to Pragya’s room and asks if she is crying due to her ill health and says she is fine. She says she is lucky to marry whom she loves and says she was worried about her, but now she understood why it got delayed. She will be happy with Suresh and asks Pragya not to cry. She asks her to come out for the rituals and goes from there.

Pragya comes out. Sarla asks her to get ready for the rituals. Bulbul comes there sadly. Maami asks Bulbul what did she think about her words. Bulbul says she has some important work and goes from there. Maami gets angry on her. Suresh comes home. Rachna sees him and says she will get camera to get his and Pragya’s pic. Pragya says Suresh that they cannot marry knowing that he loves Bulbul. Suresh asks if she is alright.

Twist of Fate 19 April 2020 Update ends as Pragya says mistake done uknowingly is forgivable and one done knowingly is not forgivable, says she heard Bulbul and his conversation and says she cannot marry him after knowing that he wants to marry someone and he is just marrying as a mutual understanding and says she will not let him suffer. She says marriage is not our destiny. Sarla hears their conversation and drops pooja thali shockingly.