Twist of Fate 20 September 2020 Update


Twist of Fate 20 September 2020 Update
Twist of Fate 20 September 2020 Update starts as Abhi talks to Pragya’s specs and calls it fuggi. He asks her to return back to him and keep hand on his head. He says I will get good sleep if you touch me. Pragya comes and keeps hand on his head.

Abhi sleep and says you are the best fuggi in this world. Pragya helps him get up and tries to take him to bed. He is about to fall, but she holds him. He makes her wear specs and looks at her lovingly. Ho Allah Wariyan……………He caresses her face and says yes, my fuggi is back. He jumps and sleeps on bed. Pragya takes off his shoes.

Aaliya calls Robin and asks where are the servants? She says she didn’t get her juice, oats, custard etc. Tanu comes and asks Robin to order servant to make her breakfast. Pragya asks who is making noise? She asks why you are shocked seeing me. Aaliya asks where are the servants? Pragya says I have dismissed the servants from job for cost cutting. She asks Aaliya to make food. Aaliya asks am I cook? Pragya asks her to make breakfast first. Aaliya refuses. Pragya says if you don’t want to cook then you can eat out and I will cut money from your pocket money.

She orders Tanu to wash utensils. Tanu says she is a super model. Pragya says you were model before, but now you are pregnant. She asks them to use less soap else she will cut money from their pocket money. She calls them good for nothing. Sarla thinks what has happened to Pragya and prays for her.

Purab comes and greets her asking her to call Bulbul. Sarla calls Bulbul and asks Purab if everything is fine at Abhi’s house. Purab tells nothing is well, and tells Abhi’s condition is bad. He got drunk and I dropped him home. Bulbul comes. Sarla asks her to leave for office as it is getting late. They leave. Pragya declares that she gave leave to all the servants and the work will be done by the family members. She asks Mitali to wash everyone’s clothes in less detergent.

She tells Taiji that your responsibility is less, you have to sweep the house and clean it too. She asks Raj to take care of kids. Dadi tells money has made you mad. They are not accustomed to work. Dasi says she is doing right. Pragya says you both have to work too. Aaliya says will you ask Dadi to work.

She says I will call Bhai and he will make you right. Pragya says I am not done till now. She gives temple responsibility to Dadi and Dadi. Mitali asks why did you not give work to Aaliya and Tanu. Pragya tells she gave work to them first. Mitali laughs. Pragya says don’t think when I am in office, I can’t look at you all. She calls Ronnie and says he is her personal assistant. Ronnie tells that he gets two things early, anger and laugh. He asks them to start working before he gets angry.

Pragya comes to room and pretends to read newspaper. Abhi wakes up and asks who made me sleep on bed. Pragya says I did. Abhi asks who changed my clothes? Pragya says I did. Abhi asks what else did you do? Pragya says she don’t have time for useless things. She asks him to drink coffee. Abhi drinks coffee and says it is same. He makes faces and says it is less sugary. Pragya says she put less sugar in coffee for better health and cost cutting. Abhi throws it. Pragya says she has cut down on his coffee intake.

Twist of Fate 20 September 2020 Update – She asks him to get ready in 10 mins, else he will not get breakfast. Abhi thinks if he breaks coffee mug then she may not give him breakfast.Aaliya says it is a limit. I thought she ran away from here. She wants revenge from us. Tanu says she didn’t think about my pregnancy. Raj comes and asks them to bear small defeat to get big gain. He says we will not discuss anything inside the house. He leaves.

Pragya comes and hears Aaliya talking to Tanu. She says we have to hire a lawyer. Tanu says from where we will get money. Pragya says you will get money, but my way. I shall wait for them to do mistake.

Tai ji sweep the house and thinks Pragya has made her naukrani. She sits down. Ronnie comes and asks her not to sit else no lunch. He makes the place dirty and asks her to clean again. Ronnie asks Mitali to use washing machine only for 30 mins. She runs. Ronnie thinks to go to kitchen. Tanu gets tensed thinking about washing the utensils and asks Aaliya to help her. Aaliya eats apples and don’t care about Pragya’s order. Ronnie comes and asks them to do their work.

Aaliya threatens him with knife. Pragya comes and asks what is happening here? Ronnie tells her that Aaliya threatened to kill him. Pragya asks him to go and see outside. She says she has to do which she don’t want to do. Aaliya says we will not accept your orders as I am Rockstar’s sister and Tanu is his would be wife. She says once I get angry, it won’t be good. I will ruin your make over face.

Pragya asks her to ruin her face and takes knife holding the cloth. She asks Tanu to wash the utensils else Aaliya will be accused of her death. She asks them to work.

Purab thinks about meeting Abhi. Bulbul also thinks to meet Pragya. She tells Sarla is worried about Pragya. She says she might tell truth to me when being alone. Purab says yes you are right. Mitali and Taiji curses each other in their heart. Purab comes and is shocked to see Mitali cleaning the house. He asks why you are doing this? Mitali cries. Tai ji tells she is sweeping the house at this age. Purab asks who asked you to do this. Tai ji says Pragya ordered us. Purab says why you are working as per her order, as she is not here.

Mitali tells she kept ring master for us and shows Ronnie. Ronnie is seen sleeping and asks to do work. Abhi comes and asks Purab why did he come there. He sees Ronnie and splashes water on his face. Ronnie gets up and greets Abhi. He says he is Pragya’s assistant. Abhi thinks to teach a lesson to Pragya.

Tanu tells Aaliya that her hand has become rough. Aaliya says her hands are soft. She says we have to do something and calls Raj as he went to meet lawyer. Raj picks the call. Aaliya asks what did lawyer said? Raj says lawyer is asking 1 lakh per hearing. Aaliya says you have some money right? Raj tells he invested the money and will think what to do.

Tanu tells Aaliya that they can’t be depended on Raj. Aaliya thinks to get money from her friend and arrange a lawyer. Pragya sees employees list and thinks 10 accounts are fake. She calls someone and asks to send employees list with their appointment letters.

Abhi comes to Pragya and asks what you have done? Pragya asks what happened? Abhi tells Ronnie is not letting his family sit or have water. Pragya says it is good and she have to promote him. Abhi asks her to fire him. Pragya refuses and says she can’t keep her eyes everywhere, so her assistant will do the needful. Abhi gets angry and says I will show you ‘the power’ of a common man. He leaves. She gets a call and her employee tells her that he sent employees list. Pragya asks who has the authority to sign on the appointment papers. He says Purab.

Pragya recalls Aaliya telling that she has framed Purab. Pragya comes down and tells Ronnie that someone will come to give money loaded bag to her. Aaliya hears her. Pragya tells intentionally and asks to check whether Aaliya cooked the food for not. Aaliya tells Tanu that they will steal the money loaded bag. Tanu asks who will steal?

Pragya comes to talk to Dadi. Dadi asks her to turn her face and talk. Pragya tells her that she gets sad to order Abhi. Dadi asks her not to see his sad face and concentrate on her work. Pragya tells her that there are fake bank accounts of employees. Dadi asks did you tell Abhi. Pragya says she can’t as Purab will be blamed. She sees Dasi coming and asks why she didn’t do the work. Dadi says she would be doing. Dasi taunts Pragya.

Twist of Fate 20 September 2020 Update ends as Pragya goes to her room. A girl comes out from there. Pragya asks her who she is. She says she’s Payal, Abhi’s assistant. Payal asks her where she’s going. Pragya says she’s going to her room. Payal blocks her way saying she can’t go in without an appointment. Abhi will give time and only then she can meet him. Pragya is shocked. Dasi gets happy.