Twist of Fate 21 September 2020 Update


Twist of Fate 21 September 2020 Update
Twist of Fate 21 September 2020 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate 21 September 2020 Update starts when a lady stops Pragya from going to Abhi’s room. Pragya asks who are you? The lady says she is Abhi’s PA. Pragya asks her to move from her way and enters forcibly. Abhi acts as dancing and hearing music. Pragya asks him not to act and asks who is this lady.

Abhi tells he is Rockstar Abhi and she is his assistant Payal. Pragya says I don’t need anyone’s permission to meet you as I am your boss. Abhi tries to make her jealous and tells Payal is working for him free. Pragya asks why she is working for free. Abhi says as he is her Rockstar. Pragya says she will see his PA. Abhi asks her to be careful next time. Tanu gets excited and waits for the money. Someone comes and gives briefcase to Ronnie asking him to handover cash bag to Pragya.

Ronnie thinks to keep the money in safe. Aaliya comes and tells him that Pragya is having headache, asking him to make tea for her. Ronnie handover the bag to them and says he will make tea. Aaliya and tanu get happy. Ronnie realizes and comes back asking them to make tea for him and Pragya. Aaliya asks Tanu, to do as she says.

Purab and Bulbul are worried about Abhi. Bulbul tells that Abhi didn’t want Pragya to insult them. She says she has enjoyed seeing his family working. Purab says Pragya did this work right, and making his family realized the importance of money. She asks him to drive fast and drop her home. Purab says I don’t want to drop you. Bulbul says you have to drop me home. Purab says yes, else aunty will stop sending you with me. Bulbul smiles.

Pragya thinks what to do to send PA from there. She thinks stupid ideas and then thinks she shall order her to go. Ronnie comes and asks Pragya to keep the bag. Pragya asks him to keep the bag for sometime. She asks Payal to inform Abhi that she wants to keep the bag inside.

Abhi thinks she will enter the room with an excuse and asks her to tell that he is changing clothes. Payal tells the same. Pragya says he is lying to me and shouts saying Dadi has fallen. Abhi comes out asking what happened to Dadi. Pragya goes inside and tells you also lied to me. Aaliya and Tanu keep an eye on the door. Aaliya tells we have to wait a little longer. Tanu asks what we will do now?

Mitali is upset as she has to do all the house work. Aaliya asks do you have money? Mitali says she has 100-200 Rs. Aaliya says she needs 1- 2 lakhs. Mitali says she don’t have, and asks why she needs money? Aaliya tells they have to give money to lawyer. Mitali says we will hire other lawyer and tells about the girl who is a lawyer. Aaliya insists to meet her. Mitali says she will take them there.

Pragya asks Ronnie to keep the money bag in the cupboard and then on the bed. She thinks they will not find it and asks him to keep it somewhere. She tells him that she is going and will be back. She comes to Dadi. Dadi asks her to come and tells Dadi went out. Pragya hugs her and says she feels bad about her rude behavior. Dadi asks what happened to that Assistant. Pragya says she will think about her, but is concerned about her motive. She tells she has made up a plan to bring out the truth. Mitali brings Aaliya and Tanu to the famous astrologer. Aaliya asks have you gone mad? Mitali tells she is a good astrologer.

Aaliya says she don’t believe in astrology. Mitali says this astrologer said correctly about my friend’s divorce. Tanu laughs and says will she get her a divorce before marriage. Astrologer says if you want to go, then you can go, but your money problem will not end.

Abhi talks to his assistant. Pragya tells Dadi that she needs her blessings to expose Aaliya and Tanu. She swears to show her strength to them and bring out their truth so that they don’t think of betraying them. She says she will bring Aaliya’s truth first. She turns and see Abhi standing. She gets shocked.

Pragya telling Dadi that she will punish the guilty and save Abhi. Just then she sees Abhi standing and hearing them. Abhi tells he will fail her plans and tells he heard her conversation. He asks you were complaining to Dadi about my PA. He says Dadi will be on his side always. Dadi says yes, and tells Pragya was complaining to him. Abhi argues.

Pragya tells she already complained in the police, and if anything happens to her then Police will take action. She says I will throw your assistant out. He assures Dadi that he will handle Pragya and tells she got scared seeing me. He thinks Pragya already filed complaint in the police station.

The Tarot reader tells Tanu that her lie will put her in trouble. Tanu says what nonsense. Aaliya asks when will I get money? Tarot reader says you both are same, and have cheated someone. Aaliya asks when will I get money? The Tarot reader tells that you will get money when you earn it. Aaliya and Tanu leave from there. Mitali stays there itself.

Payal hears Pragya and Ronnie talking and informs Abhi that they are planning. Abhi asks her to read the lips and tell him. Payal says I didn’t know lip reading, and just knows shying. Ronnie applauds for Pragya’s plan. Abhi tries to bribe Ronnie and asks him what she was saying? Ronnie refuses to sell his honesty and takes the money also. Abhi asks for the money. Ronnie says he didn’t take and leaves. Dadi asks Robin about the food. Robin tells Pragya told that Aaliya will make food. Aaliya comes and scolds him.

Dadi tells we have to sleep hungry and do the work in the morning. Dasi says you will have pizza, but we will be hungry. Aaliya says she don’t have money for pizza. Pragya comes and asks why they are making noise. Tanu says they were discussing what to cook in dinner menu. Pragya says it means food is not made yet and says you will be punish now. She asks her to make three different dishes for everyone and says it should be tasty too.

Tanu takes her from there. Dadi laughs. Dasi sees Dadi and Pragya laughing, and asks Dadi. Dadi tells your eyes have become weak and asks her to wear specs.

The Tarot reader asks her to make 100 rotis and feed cow. Mitali refuses and asks for another solution. Tarot reader asks her to keep fast for 1 month and drink white thing on Sunday. She asks for fees. Mitali hesitantly gives money.

Aaliya and Tanu are in the kitchen. Aaliya gets an idea and tells we will steal that bag now as everyone is busy. She asks Tanu to go and steal the bag, and says she will make food so that nobody doubts them. She sees Ronnie and asks what he is doing? Ronnie tells he came to take water for Pragya and asks her to cook food immediately. Aaliya tells Tanu that Ronnie was keeping an eye on her, so she should be here.

She asks her to go and steal the bag. Tanu agrees. Abhi calls his friend and asks for 750 Rs. His friend ask if you need 750 crores. Pragya disturbs him. Abhi tells he don’t need money and will sing bhajan only. Pragya looks at him and falls down. Abhi laughs and teases her. He then lifts her in his arms and starts walking. Allah Wariyan song plays while Pragya stares him.

Abhi lifts Pragya in his arms and starts walking. Tanu thinks to steal the money. She gets shocked seeing Abhi bringing Pragya in his arms and questions him. Abhi says he will throw her out of house and asks them. He then falls her on floor. Pragya is angry. Abhi tells I am going somewhere. Pragya asks him to come home fast else he will not get food. Mitali goes to see if the food is ready.

Pragya asks Robin to bring ice pack for her and recalls Abhi lifting her. Aaliya checks recipe on internet and cooks food. Mitali laughs on her. Aaliya asks her not to inform anyone than she is watching video to cook food. Mitali tells she is keeping fast on Sunday and goes to take the juice from fridge. Aaliya hopes Tanu does the work well. Tanu thinks Pragya is here at the dining table and thinks this is the good chance to steal the money. She tells she will have medicine and come. Purab comes to Sarla’s house and greets Jhanki.

Jhanki says no one is at home and I am worried. Purab calls Bulbul, but her phone is unreachable. He calls Sarla then and the phone is switched off. He asks Jhanki to inform him when they come home. Dasi stares Pragya. Dadi asks her not to look at her, and says you will get anger looking at her. Dadi tells Pragya that she is talking to her sister. Dasi says whatever Pragya did is right. Dadi acts and speaks against Pragya.

Ronnie keeps eye on Tanu and messages Pragya. Pragya says I will catch her red handed today. Aaliya brings food. Everyone looks at the food with mixed reactions. Aaliya says she will serve them food and serves them. Everyone is shocked to see the uncooked, half boiled food. Raj says he had food already. Dadi says it is tasty. Mitali taunts Tai ji. Aaliya thinks Tanu might be in Pragya’s room.

Pragya is here so she will never get to know that Tanu has stolen the money. She thinks to make her busy and serves food. Pragya thanks her and says my tummy is full. She asks do you want to stop me forcibly. Aaliya says no, it is your house. Pragya goes upstairs. Aaliya thinks to alert Tanu and looks for her phone. Aaliya takes Mitali’s phone to message Tanu, but her number is not saved in Mitali’s phone. Aaliya goes upstairs. Dadi smiles.

Tanu searches for the money bag and thinks she will put theft blame on Ronnie. Pragya and Ronnie keep an eye on her. Tanu gets the money bag finally and starts dreaming of her marriage with Abhi. She turns and sees Pragya standing. Aaliya watches her and thinks Tanu is caught. Pragya slaps her hard and says I didn’t know that you will stoop so low. Pragya says I have caught you red handed stealing the money from your husband’s room secretly. She says I asked Ronnie to keep an eye on you. Tanu refuses to steal the money.

Pragya asks her to come downstairs and asks Ronnie to bring the bag. Aaliya gets worried thinking Tanu might take her name. Pragya brings Tanu downstairs. Tanu tells I didn’t do any mistake. Dadi asks you brought my to be bahu forcibly. Pragya says I will tell you what she did then you will throw her out.

Twist of Fate 21 September 2020 Update ends as Pragya tells that she will surprise everyone. Tanu says I will tell everyone what you did? She complains to Dadi and says she has slapped your to-be daughter in law. Dadi asks how dare you give her a tight slap? Tanu says don’t know how much she will torture me? She asks her to call Abhi. Dadi says I will call Abhi. Dasi tells Dadi to ask Pragya, why she did slap Tanu