Twist of Fate 23 April 2020 Update


Twist of Fate 23 April 2020 Update on Zee World

The episode starts as Pragya says she cannot marry Abhi and could not inform it to grandma, so she is informing him, she tells him sorry for wasting his time. Abhi just watches her go. Tannu comes out and says who the hell is she to reject Abhi the rock star.

Outside, Aaliya ask Daadi why she bought jewellery when she already is giving her necklace to Pragya. Daadi says she will send everything to Pragya. They both reach home and see PRagya going out of their house. Aaliya thinks she has already started dreaming about Abhi.

Purab asks Bulbul to understand that he loves her. Bulbul says she does not believe him after seeing him with another girl and says she has a marriage in her house and does not want any interference. She asks him not to meet her again and runs from there.

Abhi angrily informs Aaliya that Pragya rejecting his marriage proposal. He says she was talking to him rudely and was talking as if she has bought him. Aaliya is shocked to hear that and thinks she must be thinking to marry Purab then. Aaliya says this must be her game plan. Abhi says Pragya must be really loving Purab, so she rejected his proposal.

Tannu asks him to relax and find out why she said no for his proposal. Aaliya says she wants to show that she does not need money and made us believe she is very good. She says it is common middle class mentality and says Daadi is already in Pragya’s trap. She says if he informs daadi about it, she will think Pragya is very cultured, so she rejected rich boy’s proposal. Daadi comes there and happily says Abhi is very lucky to have such a good and cultured girl. She says she met her family and even they are good. She says she went there without gift, so she sent some jewelry to them. Abhi says he wants to talk to her. Daadi says she does not have time and has to prepare a lot for his marriage. Abhi thinks why did she reject him, he has to find out the truth.

Pragya sees Bulbul coming from outside and thinks to talk to him, but sees Suresh in his scooter and stops.

Purbi asks Bulbul where was she. Bulbul says she went from back door so that guy’s people don’t see her. Purbi says they accept Pragya and the guy is rockstar Abhi. She excitedly says many celebrities will come in their marriage. Pragya comes and says she rejected the proposal. Bulbul says she did the right thing as Abhi and his family is very arrogant. Sarla hears their conversation and angrily asks why did she reject it.

Bulbul says Pragya did right, Abhi is not a good guy. Sarla asks her to shut up and says Abhi’s daadi herself came with proposal and says why does her daughter’s marriage does not happen and starts crying vigorously. Pragya asks her to calm down. Sarla gets unconscious.

Twist of Fate 23 April 2020 Update on Zee World

Doctor checks Sarla and says it is not good for Sarla and asks Daadi to come out with her. Sarla wakes up and says she wants to talk to Pragya. She feels guilty for scolding her and says when she grew up, she dreamt that a prince will come and marry her and his people will respect her for her goodness, when she saw Abhi’s daadi, she felt her dream will come true. She says they did wrong to Rachna, but when Bulbul does mistakes, Pragya protects her, Abhi did the same with his brother. Both Pragya and Abhi love their family.

When Abhi’s daadi told about Abhi, she felt she is telling right like she believes Pragya. Pragya asks her not to worry, she will do whatever she likes. Sarla says she cannot she Pragya marrying in a compromise. Pragya says she will correct her mistake and will make Abhi as Abhishekh, she will convince Abhi to mary her again. They both hug emotionally.

Abhi is riding his car. He remembers Pragya’s words that she does not want to marry him and then remembers Aaliya’s words that Pragya is pretending to be well cultured girl.

Bulbul asks Pragya why is she marrying forcefully. Pragya says Abhi’s daadi likes her and told Abhi is a good guy, Bulbul asks her to tell the truth seeing her eyes. Pragya says she is doing it for Sarla and says Sarla bought them up with great difficulty. She cannot love anyone now, but can be happy that Sarla is happy. Bulbul hugs and cries. Pragya asks her not to cry and asks her to think whenever Sarla is happy, she is happy in her sasural/in-law’s house. Bulbul asks what Abhi rejects the proposal now.

Daadi calls Pragya just then. Pragya goes out and sees daadi checking Abhi’s daadi’s gifts and praising her. Daaadi checks necklace and asks Pragya to wear it and show it to Sarla. She makes Pragya wear necklace and takes her to show it to Sarla.

Rachna asks Purbi why Abhi’s daadi came to their house. Purbi informs about Abhi’s marriage proposal for Pragya. Madhavi hears their conversation and thinks how can Pragya marry Abhi when his family did wrong with Rachna.

Daadi sees Sarla sleeping, asks her to wake up and look at Pragya. Sarla wakes up and asks who gave this necklace. Daadi says Abhi’s daadi sent it to her. Sarla says it is looking very good. Purbi comes and informs that Abhi has come.

Abhi comes to Pragya’s home. He sees Pragya coming and remembers her rejecting the proposal. He then sees Pragya wearing his daad’s necklace. Pragya says she wanted to meet him and apologize him for rejecting his proposal. Abhi asks if his daadi gave it to her. Pragya says yes. Abhi thinks Aaliya is right, Pragya is behind money.

Aaliya says Tannu that this girl is up to something, she must have known that Purab and Abhi have fought. She says she will wait till the morning and see what will happen.

Daadi asks Abhi to sit on the sofa and asks Purvi to inform Sarla. Purvi comes with CDs and excitedly asks Abhi to autograph on them. Daadi says he is son-in-law of this house and will be coming here often. Abhi calls Purbi and autographs on her CDs. Daadi asks Purbi again to inform Sarla. Sarla comes and meets Abhi. Abhi touches Sarla’s feet and asks if she is not well. Sarla says she is fine and asks him to sit. She says she was expecting his daadi and praises her for sending so many gifts.

Abhi says he does not know about it and says he will leave now. Sarla asks him to have tea and snacks and then go, she asks Pragya to bring tea and snacks.

Bulbul sadly remembers Purab’s words. Purbi comes and asks Bulbul to meet Abhi. Bulbul says she does not want to meet him. Twist of Fate 23 April 2020 Update

Pragya brings tea and snacks for Abhi. Sarla says Abhi is exactly like Daadi’s description and says daadi loves him a lot. Pragya’s daadi signals sarla to move out from there so that would be couple can talk. Sarla and daadi leave from there. Pragya aplogizes Abhi for rejecting his proposal and asks if he forgive her. Abhi asks what if he does not forgive her.

Someone comes and asks Kumkum for marriage hall. Pragya says she will bring it. Purbi says she will give it and asks Pragya to stay with Pragya. Daadi asks Sarla to give Abhi a gift/shagun and suggests to give him money. Purbi while carrying kumkum comes near fan and kumkum sprinkles on Pragya and Abhi by mistake. Sarla comes gives money envelope to Abhi.

Abhi hesitantly takes it, one rupee coin falls, Sarla tries to take it, but Abhi says he himself will pick it. He picks a coin and goes from there. Sarla sees Praya with kumkum and gets happy. Abhi walks near his car and remembers Pragya’s words. He tries to throw money envelope but then sees kids playing. He calls a kid and gives money envelope to him.

Madhavi watches Abhi going in his car. She comes to Pragya’s house and asks how can she accept Abhi’s proposal even after knowing that Abhi’s family ditched Rachna. Pragya asks her to talk slowly as Sarla will hear it. Madhavi starts shouting and says they are suffering. She says it is good Suresh did not marry him as she is not fit for him. Bulbul hears that and says if she tells the truth she will scold her son instead. Pragya asks Bulbul to stop and asks Madhavi to go out from there. Madhavi angrily goes from there.

Aaliya sees Daadi excited about marriage and asks her to relax, if she falls ill, Abhi’s marriage will not happen then. Daadi says okay and goes from there taking Aaliya’s phone. Abhi comes and says Aaliya was right, Pragya is behind money. He says he will take revenge from Pragya as she is responsible for his friendship breakup between him and Purab.

He says she rejected him and now after marriage he will reject her everyday. Aaliya says it is good he realized her true colours and asks him to keep away Purab from his marriage. Abhi says he will, but what about the media. Aaliya says she will take care of media.

Aaliya reaches Pragya’s house and asks driver to get the gift items in. She sees Suresh and asks him to help her keep the gifts in Pragya’s house. Suresh agrees and carries all the gifts. Aaliya then goes into Sarla’s house and asks if the engagement can happen tomorrow. Sarla asks how she arrange it so early. Aaliya says she will arrange everything and tells marriage should happen after 3 days. Sarla agrees. Suresh hears their conversation hiding behind the gifts.

Aaliya gives an envelope to Sarla and says it is for Pragya. She asks her to open and check it. Sarla sees money in it. Aaliya says it is Pragya’s shagun as she gave shagun to Abhi. Sarla asks why is she taking so much trouble. AaliyA says if Abhi marries, daadi’s focus will be on her.

Twist of Fate 23 April 2020 Update ends as Sarla sees Suresh inside the house and asks what is he doing. Bulbul says he must have come to see how they are after he broke up wit them and says they are very happy as Pragya is marrying a very rich and good guy. Suresh says it is good and asks if he needs his help. Sarla says she does not need his help. Bulbul says they need his help, but he should not come inside the house as she does not like small conman like him.