Twist of Fate 25 April 2020 Update


Twist of Fate 25 April 2020 Update on Zee World

The episode starts as Abhi comes in a different car. He thanks Tannu for convincing him and comes out from the car. Sarla gets happy seeing him. Taijia and her family reaches the marriage hall. Taiji’s daughter in-law says they are dressed up more than this marriage hall can handle. Sarla greets them and asks them to sit while she sends them cold drinks. Maami sees Taiji blubbering and thinks she is overreacting.

Abhi calls Aaliya and informs that he cannot marry Pragya and only will marry Tannu. Aaliya consoles him and asks him to marry for her sake. Abhi agrees. Aaliya goes to arrange cooler/fan for him.

Daadi praises Sarla for decorating hall well. Sarla says it is very small and apologises daadi. Daadi says it is good many people have come and will bless our children.

Sarla brings Pragya from her room. Aaliya clashes with Bulbul and scolds her. Bulbul also scolds her and goes from there saying she has a lot of work.

Daadi sees Abhi sweating and turns fan towards him. Daadi sees Pragya and gets happy. Daadi checks necklace and asks why is she wearing so light necklace. Sarla says she was feeling uncomfortable, so she changed. Aaliya thinks she must have hidden necklace. Sarla asks Bulbul to take Pragya on stage. Allah wariyan…. song plays in the background. Before garldand exchange ceremony, lights goes off. Sarla asks people to check. Abhi gets angry that he is already sweating and now lights are off. Bulbul informs Sarla that electrician will not come till half an hour. Daadi says only Sursh can fix it. Taiji starts acting that she is sweating a lot. Maamiji gives her kerchief to wipe and goes from there.

Abhi lights his lighter and asks Pragya if they can exchange garland with this light. Pragya agrees. Abhi puts garland on her and says they are marrying in dark and hope their life will change with lights. Lights comes as soon as Pragya puts garland on him. Abhi shows Suresh and says this man brought light in our lives.

Taiji’s bahu sees her face smeared with oil and laughs. Taiji asks why is she laughing. Mamiji from behind says a lot of makeup will make face dark. Taiji checks her face and gets angry seeing it dark.

Bulbul introduces herself to Akash and asks if he handles Abhi’s work. Akash says Purab handles Abhi’s work and accounts. She asks where is he now. He says he must be handling Abhi’s work outside.

Bulbul thinks why is she asking about Purab, it is pointless. Purbi asks Abhi how can it possible there is no song in his marriage. Abhi says Shraddha will sing. Bulbul asks if it is Shraddha Kapoor. Abhi says yes and says she will sing first and then will come in front of everyone. Shradha starts singing song Teri Galiyan…. Abhi meets her and he also sings the song on Shradha’s insistence while Pragya and all the guests happily listen to his song.

Pragya thinks his voice is good. Abhi and Shradha then complete the song together. Everyone clap for them. Shradha asks Abhi to introduce his bride. Abhi calls Pragya and introduces Pragya to her. Shradha hugs Pragya. Bulbul and Purbi request Shradha for a pic and take her from there.

Twist of Fate 25 April 2020 Update on Zee World

Pragya praises Abhi that his voice is good and why he sings wierd songs then. Abhi asks what kind of songs he should sing then. She says like the one which he sang now. Abhi says at least someone praised her songs now and goes from there. Daadi hears their conversation and says Pragya that she felt happy even she did not praise him properly.

Abhi asks Shradha about Sidharth Malhotra. Shraddha says he will come in style. Sidharth comes in sports bike and meets Abhi. He asks why is he marrying suddenly. Abbhi says accidents happen suddenly. Sid asks Abhi to sing his type of songs for him. Abhi starts his guitar while everyone claps for him. Abhi asks Sid where is his gift. Sid says that bike is his gift. Sid asks him to come on this bike to watch his movie Ek Villain. Abhi praises the movie and says its song Teri Galiyan is very beautiful. He asks who is the villian in Ek Villian.

Sid says he will speak about him later. Sid sees Shradha then and excuses Abhi to meet her. Abhi asks Pragya who must be the villian. Pragya says someone who destroy everyone’s happiness. Abhi says she is villian in his life then. Shradha asks what is he talking. Abhi says he is also the villain of Pragya’s life now. Sid says he has to go now as he has to attend shooting. Both Shrada and Sid leaves. Abhi says he will watch Ek Villain for sure and asks her also to watch it. They see a man walking around wearing mask. Abhi asks who is he. Pragya says he can’t be Shradha or Sid, must be real villain. Abhi says he looks exactly like you.

Abhi and Pragya’s marriage starts with Bulbul tying the knot and Abhi perfoming mangalsutra ritual. Everyone get happy after mangalsutra rituals.

Abhi and Pragya are performing saath pheras. Everyone happily throw flowers on them including Aaliya while Abhi sadly looks at Aaliya during saath pheras. Panditji asks Abhi to apply sindhoor/vermilion on Pragya’s forhead. Abhi applies it with a coin as per rituals. Religious chanting plays in the background. Sarla, daadi, and Bulbul hug each other happily after the marriage.

Akash sees Rachna on the road carrying heavy bags wit difficulty. A lady says Rachna she should not carry heavy bag as she is pregnant. Rachna sees Akash standing in front of her. Madhavi comes there and takes Rachna’s bags asking why did she carry such heavy bags. Abhi hides seeing Rachna. Rachna goes with Madhavi. Twist of Fate 25 April 2020 Update

As per rituals, Bulbul and other girls hide Abhi’s shoes and ask him to pay them to get his shoes back. Abhi gives them some money, which the girls reject and ask him to give them more money. Aaliya asks Abhi to give them money as that is what they want. Abhi gives him a huge amount and asks if that is enough. Bulbul and Purbi ashtonishingly look at the huge amount they got and give Abhi is shoes back. Girls get happy looking at the money while Aaliya is tensed sweating.

Pragya’s bidayi/farewell ceremony starts. Sarla and her whole family hug Pragya emotionally and cry. A bidayi song plays in the background… Pragya leaves her home crying while daadi holds her trying to console her. Se looks at her whole family crying, especially Sarla.

Abhi calls Tannu. Tanu picks call and refers him as sweetheart and congratulates him for his marriage. She asks him what is happening there. Abhi says 70s film emotional scene is going on. Sarla calls Abhi and asks him to take care of her daughter. Abhi thinks hope she knows how clever her daughter is. Pragya gets into the car and leaves waiving bye emotionally and looks at Suresh’s window, Suresh also waves her bye.

Abhi and Pragya reach their home. Daadi asks Pragya to hit the rice bowl with her right hand and enter the house and per rituals. Pragya does the same and keeps her legs in red water while Tanu also enters with Abhi and Pragya. Daadi sees that and gets angry, but then sees Pragya and smiles. Both Pragya and Abhi then.

Apne roothe paray roothe…. song plays in the background. Pragya remembers her moments with Abhi earlier and he taking her side and praising her in front of his friends. She then rememebers her marriage with him. Tauji asks Abhi to rest and says they will meet him later. Daadi thanks Abhi for marrying a girl she liked and asks to take Pragya to his room and rest. Abhi’s friends come and ask him for a party. Daadi says they both are tired and should rest. Abhi says they will pester him whole life they don’t get party.

Daadi allows him and asks to come back soon. She asks Nimrit show Pragya her room. Nimrit introduces herself and starts blubbering. Pragya’s cousin who came with Pragya asks her to let didi rest. Nimrit says she is very talkative and shows Pragya her room.

Bulbul and Purbi don’t get sleep remembering Pragya. Purbi says she is not getting sleep without Pragya. Sarla comes there and asks why have they not slept yet. Bulbul asks why is she awake till now. Sarla says she was checking kitchen. Bulbul asks even if she is missing Pragya and says we should call her. Sarla says she must be with Abhi now and asks her to sleep now and call Pragya in the morning.

Nimrit is taking Pragya to her room and jokes with Pragya’s cousin if he will also stay with his didi. He says yes. She asks where will Abhi stay then. They reach Abhi’s room. Nimrit asks Pragya if she is comfortable. Pragya nods yes. Her cousin calls his friend and says he is in rockstar Abhi’s room and it is very beautiful.

Twist of Fate 25 April 2020 Update ends as Nimrit asks Pragya if she left her voice at her home. Her friend jokes bhabhi left her voice at her house, but her brother is blubbering a lot. They both drag him out of the room leaving Pragya alone. Pragya remembers telling Bulbul that she is practical and prefers staying in a small room with her husband where she can hear his heart beat clearly. She then remembers hugging her family and crying before farewell/bidayi.