Twist of Fate 26 April 2020 Update


Twist of Fate 26 April 2020 Update on Zee World

The episode starts as Pragya remembers hugging her family and crying before farewell, now She is waiting for Abhi. Abhi comes in tired. He removes his sherwani when he gets a call and informs that he had a couple of drinks and says he can drive but, but says will come with driver and leaves.

Pragya sadly sees him going and waits whole night worrying for Abhi. She remembers Abhi telling someone of having drinks and then going out, thinks if he has driven himself. She comes down and does not see anyone there. She thinks of calling him, but does not have his phone number. She finds driver’s number and calls him, asks where is Abhi. Driver informs apartment address where Abhi is. She catches auto and reaches there. She asks driver where is Abhi who says he is in flat #1803.

Pragya reaches flat #1803 and sees Tanu Mehta’s name on it. She rings bell and is shocked to see Tanu out. She hears Abhi’s voice asking who is there and sees Abhi drinking on a sofa. Abhi asks Tanu to shoo away whoever is out there. Pragya surprisingly says why is Abhi here. Tanu asks why is she asking her, it is because of her sins that is happening. Abhi asks Tanu to close the door as he has to go back to behanji/Pragya back and says he hates her a lot. Tanu asks her go now if she has heard Abhi now.

Pragya gets devastated hearing that and starts walking on the road remembering Daadi’s words that Abhi is very nice guy and then Abhi telling he believes his daadi’s choice. She then remembers Abhi telling he hates her and then Sarla falling ill after she rejected Abhi’s proposal. Jag suna suna laage…. song plays in the background. She remembers Sarla telling her dream and Pragya’s wish has come true. She hears a radio news that Abhi got married on his daadi’s insistence and the girl is lucky to marry Abhi and congratulating all.

Tanu calls Aaliya who informs that behanji had come there. Aaliya ashtonishingl wakes up hearing that. Tanu says Pragya heard everyting and looked devastated. Aaliya thanks her for the information and says she will tell her rest of the news tomorrow.

Pragya comes back home and falls asleeop on ground crying. She hears door knock and opens it. Daadi comes in and greets her goodmorning. She turns back and sees Abhi standing there who says he brought tea for her and says he did not disturb Pragya seeing sleeping and asks Pragya if she is fine now. Daadi asks them to come down for breakfast after getting ready. Pragya shockingly watches everyting silently. Abhi informs Aaliya about the incident and says Pragya was in shock after seeing that. Twist of Fate 26 April 2020 Update

Pragya is on breakfast table with daadi. Sarla calls daadi asks her let her speak to Pragya. Once Pragya takes phone, Sarla asks if she is fine and asks she must be having so many servants to take care of her. Abhi takes phone from Pragya and says Sarla that Pragya is absolutely fine and gives back Pragya phone asking her to speak to her mother. Pragya says Sarla that she will speak to her later.

Pragya drags Abhi to their room and says she saw him in Tanu’s house and asks him to tell the truth. Abhi says I will call your boyfriend who will tell the truth. She asks what problem he has. Abhi says she trapped Purab and wanted to marry him, but once she saw him, she got greedy and trapped his daadi to marry him. Aaliya comes there and asks Abhi how can he talk to bhabhi like that.

He asks Pragya not to worry and says she will make her life a hell and asks how can she think of snatching her Purab and says now she is in deep hell and where will she go. Abhi says she snatched Purab from her sister dreaming about Abhi’s money and says now Purab will come back to them. He says this marriage is a big punishment for her and she deserves it.

Pragya thinks how can they betray her like that just for a revenge. She then remembers Sarla and Purbi praising Abhi.

Bulbul and Purbi get angry on Sarla for not letting them speak to Pragya. Sarla says Pragya is with her in-laws and cannot speak, they can speak to her at the reception tonight. Daadi asks how is Pragya. Sarla says she is happy with Abhi and praises Abhi.

Abhi asks Aaliya now that we revealed our plan to Pragya, what will we do next. Aaliya says we will make Pragya’s life a hell for her betrayal and mistakes.

Abhi asking Aaliya to explain daadi. Aaliya says what did she do now. Abhi says he cannot tolerate Pragya even for a second, but daadi is planning a grand reception, and if he brings Pragya in front of media, media will make a joke out of him. Aaliya says she will handle media and says she should focus on something more important. Abhi asks what. She says Purab and says we should call Purab at reception to make him realize what a big mistake he made by loving Pragya.

Purab sadly looks at Bulbul’s pic. His sister asks what happened. He says it is nothing. He gets a call from Abhi and asks him to understand him. Abhi says he is married now. Purab asks if he married Tanu. Abhi says he did not marry Tanu and instead married Daadi’s choice. Purab asks he loved Tanu but. Abhi says Tanu wanted to concentrate on her career, so he married a girl of Daadi’s choice. Purab asks if he forgive him.

Abhi asks him to meet him soon and cuts the call. He says Aaliya that he feels Purab says truth and feels pain when he thinks about his betrayal. He futher says he will shock Purab today on reception.

Twist of Fate 26 April 2020 Update: Pragya sees daadi inviting guests on reception. Aaliya comes with a bridal dress for Pragya for today’s reception.

Pragya remembers Aaliya’s witty words. Aaliya asks her to come out of dream and gives her sareee. She asks if she is thinking that she saw these sarees in showroom or worn by stars and says she will wear this 1.5 lakhs saree as she is Abhi’s wife and says until her mehandi is on, she will be here, after that she will be back to her behanji tyype lifestyle. She asks her to get ready for a reception and goes from there. Pragya thinks these people think marriage is meant for revenge, she does not want to stay here for a minute and will go from there.

Taiji says tauji that she does not understand what these people are thinking, instead of making Pragya’s family bear the expenditure, daadi is bearing all the expenses, if she would have given her money, she would have made a fixed deposit and enjoyed interest. Pragya sees them there and hides. Taiju says she thinks someone is spying on them. Tauji jokes that she has become senior citizen now. Taiji says it is good, at least she can enjoy senior citizen benefits by govt. Once they both go from there, Pragya comes down.

Aaliya sees her and asks why is she not yet ready. Pragya says her ego does not allow her to stay in this place and will leave right now. She walks out of the house and walks on the road remembering Abhi and Aaliya’s hatred word. She thinks of informing everything to Sarla and thinks only he can help her. She reaches home and sees Sarla shouting at Bulbul and Purbi to get ready soon for reception and thinks her family is so loving and Abhi’s family did not even think once to destroy her life. She thinks if she informs Sarla about it, Sarla will get tensed again.

Sarla while shouting at family to get ready gets a fainting spell again. Bulbul and daadi hold her, bulbul asks why did not she have her medicine yet. Sarla says Pragya used to give her medicine in her hand. Bulbul says she kept it on table and asks why does she take so much tension. Sarla says she is fine and says her daughter got such a good in-laws, then why will she be sad, she fainted getting happy either.

Twist of Fate 26 April 2020 Update on Zee World

Bulbul says she should not go to reception. Sarla says she wants to see Pragya happy in her reception and says until she is happy there, nothing will happen to her. She sees Pragya’s shadow there. Pragya hides behind a cart. Sarla says she saw Pragya there and runs out to search her. Daadi says Pragya may be busy in reception, why will she come here. Whole family takes her back in. Pragya thinks if Sarla finds about it, she will get ill again, so it is better for her to go back to the house and that fraud relationship.

Aaliya calls Tanu and says how dare Pragya is to talk in such an attitude and says Pragya can trap not even Purab and daadi, but anyone she likes. Daadi comes there and asks if she saw Pragya. Abhi says she must be somewhere in house. Daadi says she searched whole house but did not find her and goes to check kitchen again. Abhi asks Aaliya what is this new drama now. Aaliya says she left house after scolding her.

Abhi says she will come back as she rejected his proposal last time and after getting gold necklace came back. Aaliya asks him to give her gold again and bring her back. Abhyi says she will come back for sure.

Suresh sees Pragya crying on road and asks why is she here. He says he knows she is tensed because of Abhi.

He says he knows she is crying happily and it is obvious after getting such a rich family. She must have come back to see her family and says he is happy for her. He read a Cinderalla story and her story is like that, her life will be good in the future also. He says we misjudge celebrities, but in reality they are also good. He praises Abhi for marrying the girl of his daadi’s choice and says where Pragya is there, nothing bad will happen. Pragya says she has to go and leaves from there. She waits for auto, but no one stops. Suresh brings his scooter and says it is rickshaw strike today and as a friend and neighbor, he will help her. Pragya sits behind Suresh and they both leave towards Abhi’s house.

Daadi tensely asks servant if they found Pragya. Servant says he did not find here anywhere. Pragya reaches home and requests Suresh not inform Sarla that she came there. Mitali watches from her window and sees Pragya with a guy. She thinks of going and finding who he is. Suresh thinks why Pragya requests him to say lie, hope her life will be good in future. Mitali hurriedly come down to check who is there with Pragya, but sees Pragya coming in. She asks where she had been. PRagya says she had to join college back and had to inform them about the reception, else they would have terminateed her. Mitali thinks she is telling lie and wherever there is lie, there is a secret and she will find the secret.

Aaliya sees Pragya in and scolds her for going out without informing dadi. Daadi asks Aaliya not to scold her as she had gone to her college. She asks Pragya not to worry as she will herself go and speak to her college people and asks her to inform her problem from hereon, she will solve it. She asks her to come down soon after getting ready.

Abhi and Pragya’s reception starts. Abhi sees her standing silently and says it is not her area’s jagran ceremony, it is their wedding reception, so she should smile. He says she is married in a rich house, so she can afford to smile. Tanu comes, kisses Abhi and congratulates him. Pragya silently sees that and remembers the incident with Tanu the previous night. Daadi comes there and stares at Tanu. Tanu goes from there.

Daadi greets Sarla’s family and asks Sarla how is she. Sarla says she is fine. Pragya’s Daadi says Sarla is lying, she is worried about Pragya. Aaliya hears that and thinks Pragya must not have gone to her mother’s house, where would she have been then. Daadi asks Sarla not to worry about Pragya as she is her responsibility now and asks them to come in. Aaliya thinks she realilzed Pragya’s plan now and knows her weak point and can use it for her benefit. She goes to Pragya and asks why did she come back and says she is worried about her mother and must have come back thinking about her mother.

She says she notices these things easily and will exploit her weak point from now, she says now she cannot go back to her mother’s house and cannot stay in her in-laws house, what will she do now. She says she snatched Purab from her, now she will teach her a lesson.

Daadi sees Aaliya and Pragya talking and praises them. Sarla says Pragya is very friendly and befriends with everyone. Abhi sees Sarla’s family and asks if they had difficulty come in there. Bulbul jokes auto people did not take money from them hearing they are Abhi’s relatives. Abhi jokes them to come in, else Pragya will throw her out. Daadi says Abhi is very jovial boy.

Akash starts the reception, introduces Samrat and Urmi and says they will perform on a song now. Samrat and Urmi dance on Punjab da puttar, hai pind jalandar….. song while everyone enjoy their performance and clap.

Samrat after his performance asks Abhi why did he marry so soon and asks him not to take tension, he will handle Tanu. Abhi says even now Tanu is his girlfriend. Samrat gets happpy and congratulates him.Twist of Fate 26 April 2020 Update

Bulbul hugs Pragya and asks where was she all this time. She says Aaliya is very arrogant, but Abhi is very nice. She sees Abhi talking to someone looking at Pragya and asks if she is in love within 1 day and asks her what at her wedding night, etc, etc.

KT meets Abhi and asks Abhi how is he doing. Abhi says he is fine and introduces Pragya to him. Abhi asks why is Pragya serious. Abhi says her face is like that and then says he likes serious people, so he married her. He suggests Kt to have an arranged marriage. KT says he is in love and will marry her soon. Rachna comes tehre, introduces herself, and goes from there. Abhi says loves is very challenging. KT says it is. Abhi says how will he convince Rachna. KT says he knows how to convince her. Rachna and KT dance on Tu ne maari entriyan ye, dil me baji ghantiyan re… Everyone enjoy their performance and clap.

Abhi’s friends taunt him and ask why did he marry someone else when he loves Tanu. Abhi says with time, love vanishes, but now he and Tanu are good friends. His friends say there is something special in bhabhi that he is mad behind her, if he saw love in her eyes. Abhi says she has 4 eyes as she wears specs and says she killed her with her beautiful. His friends insist to let them meet bhabiji.

Abhi goes to Aaliya and asks her to come with him as he wants to introduce her to his friends. Bulbul asks Abhi if he will sing songs for Aaliya now. Abhi jokes he will, but will Pragya handle them. He says he knows Aaliya can handle extra heart and says she is smiling hearing my words. Bulbul says she is smiling on her jokes and if he starts joking like this, he will have to pay a huge amount tonight.

Abhi says he can pay any amount and wants to know the price. Pragya asks him where does he want to take her. He says to drown and then says to drown in his love. He introduces Pragya to his friends. His friends say she is very simple. Abhi says she is simple, but very intelligent. Friends say they both look pretty together and then joke on Pragya. Abhi gets angry. Another friend says he is just joking.

Twist of Fate 26 April 2020 Update ends as Sarla asks Pragya to speak to her also and then says she is looking very beautiful in this. Daadi says she is star’s wife now. Sarla says that is the reason people were standing around her. Pragya starts crying and hugs Sarla while Sarla gets worried.

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