Twist of Fate 27 April 2020 Update


Twist of Fate 27 April 2020 Update on Zee World

The episode begins as Sarla ask Pragya if she is happy. Pragya remembers Sarla’s words not to inform about her health to Pragya. Pragya hugs Sarla and starts crying. Sarla asks what happened, if anybody told her something. Pragya does not sa anything. She asks her to tell, else she will speak to Abhi and daadi.

Pragya says she is happy in this house, Abhi is a good guy, she got emotional seeing all of you here, she is missing Bulbul’s tauts, your worries and getting high BP, etc. Dadi says crying department is Sarla’s and not yours. Sarla says you took my breath and suddenly.. Abhi who was hearing their conversation says suddenly he came in her life and asks if she was bad mouthing about him. Sarla says she was praising him and says Pragya is very happy here, she thanks Daadi and him for coming in Pragya’s life. Abhi says he should thank them either as he would not have done all this without Pragya in his life. He holds Pragya’s hand and takes her from there.

Purab is traveling in his car. He thinks Bulbul is not talking to him yet, he is coming there to explain Bulbul, Abhi understood him and married someone, hope Aaliya also understands him.

Aaliya and Abhi are tensed that Abhi has not reached yet. Abhi gets a Purab’s call who informs that he is stuck in traffic jam and will reach there in 3 hours, he says he is eager to meet his wife. Abhi says even is eager to let him meet his wife. He informs Aaliya that Purab will reach in 3 hours. Aaliya says we should wait for 3 hours for the climax now.

Pragya gets Purab’s call who asks Pragya to explain Bulbul that it is not his mistake and to pick his call. He asks her to listen to his truth first and says Abhi was his best friend and he took his promise to marry Aalya, but when he met Bulbul he fell in love with her and futher says the whole incident. Pragya shockingly hears his conversation. Purab asks her to explain Bulbul that he loves only her. Pragya says she knows everyting. Purab says how does he know. Pragya asks him to come here, then she will tell him everything.

Twist of Fate 27 April 2020 Update – Aliya sees Pragya talking to someone and asks whom she is talking to. She checks her mobile and sees Purab’s number, asks if she called Purab here and says it is good if he comes here, he will know her reality. Pragya thinks how will she live between these people who restrict her even to someone, looks at Sarla and thinks she has to live with them and Abhi will realize his mistake when he will know Purab loves Bulbul. Tanu asks Abhi to go and stay with Behanji.

Abhi introduces Kamlaben/Shilpa shirodkar to Abhi and Pragya. Kamlaben praises Abhi and says her daughters are his fan and they like his rock music. She then gives kumkum to Pragya and prays they both live together happily. Abhi thinks who will explain her that he is the biggest enemy of Pragya.

Suresh comes wearing blazer and Pragya’s gifted tie. He sees Abhi and Pragya talking together smiling and thinks he was wrong, they both look happy, hope they live happily together. Pragya sees Suresh and introduces Abhi to him. Abhi says he knows Suresh, he is man of honor. Abhi asks them to carry and leaves from there. Suresh apologizes Pragya for coming without invitation and says after seeing them happy, he is also very happy. He hands his gift and is about to leave when Bulbul sees him. She asks why did he come here, to check if Pragya is happy, she says Pragya is happy with Abhi. Suresh says she has mistaken him.

Bulbul says she was feeling guilty that her sister’s fiance was in love with her, but now she is happy after Pragya’s marriage. She asks him to get out of here and not to show his face again. Suresh sadly goes from there.

Bulbul and Purbi request Abhi to perform on his song. Abhi says nobody performs on their wedding. They says it is his reception and asks Sarla to convince him. Sarla requests him to perform for her sake. Abhi agrees and says Pragya has to dance with him. Pragya says she does not know to dance. Abhi says he will teach her and takes her to the stage holding her hand. Abhi performs on song tere liye signal tod taad ke….He drags Pragya and manhandles her while dancing. Everyone get happy seeing their dance and clap. He pushes Pragya on the ground and says to learn dance, once has to fall on ground.

Twist of Fate 27 April 2020 Update on Zee World

He picks her up again, Pragya tries to go, but he holds her again and starts roughing her again. Tanu sees that and asks her friend if Abhi is dancing or frightening her. Friend says he is taking out his grudge as he did not marry you. Tanu says wait and watch, what he will do next. Abhi pushes Pragya on floor again and picks her up. He makes her wear her specs again and says he loves her 4 eyes. He asks if this lesson is enough or we should do something else.

both daadis asking to play music for their performance. Bulbul and Purbi force Sarla and Taiji to join daadis. All four ladies dance on Baby doll mai sone di…. song while everyone enjoy their performance.

Aaliya says Abhi that Pragya was talking to Purab even after marrying you. Abhi says she would have told Purab about her marriage. Aaliya says she would not have. Abhi says she is right and says how will Purab react when he will see Pragya. Purab’s calls Abhi and says he will reach in 10-15 minutes. Bulbul hears Abhi’s conversation and thinks if Purab sees him, he will create a scene, so she has to go from there. Purbi drags Bulbul to perform a dance.

Bulbul and Purbi dance on Radha teri chunari.. song from Student of Year movie. Everyone clap for them. Sarla and Abhi’s whole family dance on Punjabi breaking… song. Bulbul clashes with Aaliya while dancing and Aaliya scolds her angrily.

Purab reaches Abhi’s house. He remembers Abhi beating him saying he betrayed his sister and then remembers their childhood days. He thinks he will tell everything to Abhi, but what will he say. He rehears saying he will tell not to worry about Aaliya, etc., and then thinks he should first go and congrats Abhi and then tell him everything.

Bulbul remembers time spent with Abhi and then remembers Purab hugging Aaliya and thinks she will keep away from Purab. Purab comes in and thinks how will he say he does not want to marry Aaliya. Bulbul sees Purab there talking to someone and hides. Purab thinks he felt Bulbul’s presence there.

Abhi’s friends insists him to sing for them as they are bored hearing old songs. Abhi takes them to his music room. Purab comes in searching Abhi. Taiji’s wife sees him and asks him where he had been and says Abhi’s wife is very practical and intelligent and asks him to come with her to meet Pragya. Purab sees Tanu talking to someone and thinks what is she doing here. Taiji’s bahu introduces Pragya to Purab. They both stand still instead of talking. Bahu thinks there is some twitst. She informs about it to Taiji. Purab surprisingly asks Pragya if she is Abhi’s wife and says Abhi hates her, then why did he marry her, what happend in his absense. Pragya says Abhi’s daadi liked me and brought Abhi’s proposal, so she married him.

Purab says Abhi is not a guy will have arranged marriage and says Aaliya must have done this as she got misunderstood that I you love instead of Bulbul. Abhi comes out of his room and sees Purab talking to Pragya holding his hands and thinks he missed seeing their reaction. He says never mind he will get happy seeing Purab’s pain in his eyes.

Pragya says Purab that marriage happened with both her and Abhi’s acceptence and says he also should accept it. Purab says he will find out the truth. Abhi stops Abhi and asks him to wish him. He hugs him and introduces him to Pragya. He says he did not know they both know each other. Purab says he is feeling headache and will go and rest. Abhi says Pragya is like that, every lose their senses seeing her.

Purab goes from there without saying anyting. Abhi says Pragya that she broke her ex-boyfriend’s heart and he missed seeing Purab’s expression, but it is okay, he will feel peace seeing you both in pain. He says he felt bad when Purab betrayed Aaliya, but now he is enjoying. He says he will be back soon and to take care of herself.

Twist of Fate 27 April 2020 Update ends as Purab is going back in his car. He thinks what will he tell Bulbul and thinks of calling her. Bulbul is in house and thinks it is good Purab did not see her. She gets Purab’s call, but disconnects. Purab gets sad seeing his calls disconnected.Tanu starts dancing sensuously and seducingly with Abhi on Ang Laga de Re… song. Everyone ashtonishly see them performing.

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