Zara’s Nikah 14 September 2020 Update


Zara’s Nikah 14 September 2020 Update
Zara’s Nikah 14 September 2020 Update Zee World

Zara’s Nikah 14 September 2020 Update starts as Kabir and Zara’s Nikah is complete. Shahbaz checks papers in Ruksar’s hands and he announces there is another good news. Papers for Ruksar’s release from Dubai’s jail are here. Everyone says mubarak to Ruksar.

It’s bidaai time. Zara bids adieu to her parents and family. Kabir assures Zara’s parents that he will try to always keep Zara happy and always support her. Zara tells her parents to bless that they get back whatever they have lost in their lives and they have so much love in their lives that they make an example of mohabbat. Zara’s mother asks Aayesha whether they can come to her house to welcome Kabir and Zara. Ruksar calls Rubana and is furious.

Kabir and Zara romance in car while going to Kabir’s house. Zara thanks him for giving her biggest happiness of her life. Kabir says he is thankful to her. Reema and Imran tease them and ask to look at their wedding photos. Zara and Kabir look at their wedding photos. Zara says she will save these memories forever.

Ruksar comes to her room and thinks of her next plan. She plans to keep Zara away from Kabir and give him same pain that he gave to Ruksar by staying away from her on their wedding night.

Kabir and Zara arrive at Kabir’s house. They are welcomed by Kabir’s family members. Zara’s parents are also there. It’s time for Zara and Kabir to look at each other from mirror. They argue about going first. Kabir gives up and says he will go first. Ruksar comes behind and Kabir turns his face seeing her. He’s asked to look at Zara. He looks up and Ruksar has gone and now he sees Zara.

Ladies send guys away. Kabir was going away as well, but Zara stops him saying he needs to be there. They dance.

Ruksar plans to spray some sedative perfume on Kabir so he wakes up after 8 hours straight. She wonders how to bring Kabir to the room. She sees Aman and tells him to send Kabir to room. Kabir goes. Zeenat locks the room. He asks her to let him go and asks what has happened to her. Why she is doing all this. She says he is forcing her to do all this. Did he think what she will have to go through seeing him spending wedding night with Zara? She takes out perfume bottle to spray on Kabir. Zeenat opens the door and perfume bottle falls and shatters. She sends Kabir away and explains Ruksar that they should be thankful to Kabir and Zara.

Ruksar says she can’t see Kabir and Zara together. If they spend night together, then everything will be over. She won’t let that happen no matter what. Zeenat asks what she means? What is she planning to do? Ruksar smiles and says she will destroy everything. She leaves. Zeenat says she won’t let anyone come in way of this house’s happiness, not even Ruksar.

Kabir joins Zara. He tells everyone that all rituals are done now, right? Imran and Reema tease them saying main one is still left.. wedding night. Reema tells Zara that this is perfect time to ask Kabir whatever she wants. Zara thinks about something and then says she doesn’t think Kabir will be able to do that. Kabir asks what she means and tells her to tell.

Zara says she wants him to carry her to the room. Kabir says no way. Zara gets upset and starts walking. Kabir follows her and lifts her. Zara is happy. Ruksar looks on and says today it won’t be suhagraat, but a sad night

Ruksar sets her room on fire to stop Kabir and Zara spending night together. Zeenat comes to rescue Ruksar from her room and vouches to protect her sister from all calamities and prays to the Allah to stop her from going on the wrong path. Zara and Kabir have close scenes in there room. They consummate. Romantic song plays..

Next morning, they are seen lying under one blanket and their clothes strewn all over their room. They do assalam alaikum to each other and Kabir says their talaq/divorce finished today. Zara greets him on finishing talaq and their new life begins today. They have romantic moments next day while getting reseed for the day.. Romantic song plays..” tere sang yara… khush rang bahara..”

Ruksar is seen waking up with headache.. then remembering how Zeenat hit her on the head just as she was about to set her room on fire. She makes tea. Kabir and Zara are seen offering namaz together in their room. She thanks the Allah for giving her Kabir and for getting rid off all their troubles.

Ruksar enters their room with tea and she notices the disarray on the suhagraat bed… she notices the scattered clothes, jewelry, broken bangles and flowers on the bed. She calls Kabir. Sshe weeps that Kaibr and Zara’s talaq had ended.

Zara’s Nikah 14 September 2020 Update ends as Ruksar declares that it was their last day of having fun. She looks for them. Kabir and Zara are seen having fun together as they sit by lake side with their feet dipping into the water. They have romantic moments.