Zara’s Nikah 19 September 2020 Update


Zara’s Nikah 19 September 2020 Update
Zara’s Nikah 19 September 2020 Update Zee World

Zara’s Nikah 19 September 2020 Update starts as Kabir comes in room and sees Zara offering prayers. He sadly looks at her. Zara doest see him and says God why are you doing this? when I didnt want to marry Kabir and hated him, you made situations that I had to marry him and you slowly made me love him and now when he loves me fully, you have made us go to divorce path, why are you doing this with us? why did you make me love Kabir in first place?

You know I cant share Kabir with anyone then why did you bring Ruksaar in his life? I dont have another way but to divorce him as I cant share my Kabir with anyone. She turns and sees Kabir standing there.

They sadly look at each other. Kabir touches her face, humdard plays, he wipes her tears and is about to kiss her forehead but she pulls back Kabir turns to leave but she holds his hand and tightly hugs him. Zara says why did you not stop me from asking for divorce? you could have stopped me, why didnt you?

Kabir says I am sorry, lets go and say it was a mistake, you were angry, you dont want divorce right? she shakes her head. He kisses her forehead and hugs her tightly… it all turns out to be Zara’s dream, Zara stands up after offering prayer and sees Kabir sitting there. Zara starts packing her clothes. Kabir says how can you even think about divorce, do you want it? you know my life is at stake too, you want divorce from me? just ask me, directly ask me you want divorce. Zara looks away. Kabir says no? then tell everyone that you are taking your khula back. Zara runs from there.

Ayesha says to family that I am scared that Zara has asked for khula and Kabir can give her that to follow his duty. Salma says Zara’s happiness is always tarnished, their divorce ended with much difficulty and they are at that end again.

Kabir asks Zara to listen, Zara doesnt stop and leaves from there. Zara sees Ruksaar comings there and passesby her. Ruksaar stops Kabir and says let her go, you cant stop person who wants to leave, welcome the person who is with you, the Zara who wanted me out of your life is asking you for divorce now, you are a follower of God so you will give her what she wants which is divorce. Kabir says dont tell me about my duty, I should have divorced you when I saved your life and didnt make Zara know about you

Zara talks to Salma on call, she asks her to be wise. Zara sees Kabir coming there and tries to leave but Kabir says I thought we will stay together to fight everyone but you are asking for separation? will you be able to live without me? will you be able to enjoy life without me? I cant sleep without you, you know when we fought last time, I thought I could sleep but when I lied down, I couldnt sleep, that day I knew I was in love, I didnt believe in love, only in duty but you changed that, you made me love you, how can you leave me? you want divorce? I will give you what you want but do you want it?

Zara says you think I can live without you? how can you expect me to be with you one night and then you go to Ruksaar next night? I cant bear it, you want to know what my heart cant do? it cant share you with anyone, I can live without you but I cant share you with anyone, I cant see you going to anyone else infront of me, I cant share you for life. Kabir looks away and wipes his tears. Zara comes behind him and tries to hold his hand but she recalls how Kabir didnt divorce Ruksaar.

She moves away and says I have taken my decision and I wont move back from it. Kabir stops her and says you cant make me crazy like this. Zara says my love and life is getting destroyed, you have your Ruksaar with you. Kabir shouts to not take her name, you are making me crazy, you can do anything but I will not divorce you at any cost, you can wait for life but I wont give it, I will move away from religion and give divorce to Ruksaar but I will not leave you at any cost.. you have seen Kabir who follows religion, who is a priest but you will see a new Kabir now, A Kabir who loves you, Kabir who is in love and can do anything but will never divorce you. Zara is stunned and leaves from there.

Zara is in kitchen, she is trying to cook but she keeps recalling how she asked for divorce and her argument with Kabir. Her dupatta catches fire from stove but she doesnt see it. Kabir comes there and jerks dupatta away from her, he throws water on fire. Zara runs to him and asks if he is fine? your hand is burning, why did you come inbetween? Kabir says I am fine, are you fine? let me see your hand..

Zara moves away and doesnt let him see her hand. Ayesha comes there and asks Zara if she is fine? Zara nods. Ayesha asks her to take rest, dont come in kitchen for 10-15 days. Zara says I dont even know if I have these many days in this house. Ayesha says I would never want you and Kabir to separate, why did you ask for divorce? Zara says I didnt ask for divorce, I asked for whole Kabir. Kabir sadly looks at her. She leaves from there.

Irfan comes to Shahbaz’s house. Shahbaz says everything okay? Ruksaar comes there and says let me explain, she says to Irfan that you are a priest so only Zara is your daughter? Irfan says all girls of Lucknow are like my daughters. Ruksaar says then why injustice with me? when I gave request in sharia board, you scolded me but today Zara sent her request for divorce from Kabir in sharia board so you are here. Ayesha is stunned and says Zara requested for divorce in board? Kabir comes there. Ruksaar says congrats Kabir, your first wife requested for divorce in sharia board, he is stunned. Zara’s Nikah 19 September 2020 Update

In sharia board, Irfan says we have seen every aspect of this matter, he says to Ruskaar that you have asked for rights as a wife from Kabir, you were married to me to save your life, not to live life with him so you cant get rights of a wife but Kabir can take time to accept relation with you. He says to Kabir that you have accepted that you dont have reason to divorce Ruksaar so you cant leave her.

He says to Zara that you have asked for divorce from your husband but you cant take it as your husband loves you, takes care of you, doesnt hurt you and his family doesnt torture you so you dont have any reason to take divorce from him. Kabir thanks God. Irfan says you said you cant share your husband with anyone, these are your feelings for your husband but they cant be reason to take divorce.

Zara says you mean to say my passion of love cant be the reason to separate from him? we can marry out of love but cant separate because of love so.. now this love will become my reason to completely stay away from my husband till I dont find the reason to ask for divorce, I will not have a look at him till then. Kabir is stunned. Ruksaar smirks. Zara says I will repeat, my love is my pride and it doesnt allow me to share my husband with anyone. She leaves from there. Kabir goes behind her.

Zara is leaving with Reema, Kabir tries to stop her but Zara sits on Reema’s scooty and leaves. Kabir sits in Imran’s car and leaves behind her. Ruksaar sees it and says I got my life back because of Zara and I will make her life hell now.

Reema asks Zara what we will do now? Zara says I will wait till I find a reason to divorce Kabir. Imran asks Kabir what we will do now? Kabir says I will wait till Zara’s anger is down.Zara says to Reema that we are not going home, you know love is extreme, when you are happy in love, you feel like you are flying but when you are pained in love, you feel like everything is giving you a pain.Kabir says to Imran that after loving Zara, I feel like life of a priest is very simple than life of a lover.

Reema stops her bike and says I am tried now. Zara says you are tired so soon? I am finding a way for my life.Imran says to Kabir that I am tired of driving now. Kabir says I have been running around for many days but nobody asked if I am tired, I will be running round and round and nobody knows what is in my fate.Reema gets call from her parents and says I am coming, she ends call. Zara asks her to leave.

Reema says I am not leaving you. Zara says I will roam around, Kabir is not accepting me fully nor divorcing me, I am just roaming around. Reema says but.. Zara says just leave, Reema asks her to take care and leaves. Zara says to herself that there must be something lacking in my love that I couldnt get Kabir.

Zara comes to dargah in daze, she sees a baba who says if someone wants to test their love? is there anyone who trusts their love so much that they can walk on burning coals? Zara looks at coals and says this love is not easy, its a volcano that you have to cross, I will test my love if I just say it or if I truly love Kabir that much. She starts moving towards coals, a man tries to stop her but she doesnt listen to him. She imagines Kabir on otherside of coals, tu hi rab tu hi dua plays.

Zara smiles and starts moving towards coals in daze, trying to reach Kabir. She walks on coals without feeling any burn. She opens her eyes but doesnt find Kabir on otherside… it all turns out to be her dream, she looks at burning coals and recalls incidents that happened in last few days.

Baba says this is not a game, dont do it. Zara walks on coals and faints. She is about to fall down but Kabir comes there and holds her. He lifts her in his arms. She is unconscious. He kisses her forehead and says what did you do? you have crossed all limits

Kabir brings Zara home, he makes her lie on bed. Zeenat brings balm. Kabir washes her feet, all are tensed. Kabir finds bottle and pours water he washed her feet with in that bottle. Kabir says this water is proof of our love and she cleared her test, she walked on burning coals and nothing happened to her. He smiles and says to Ruksaar that you are wearing nice earrings, you can become this house’s daughter in law by wearing them but you cant get me ever, you take water with which I washed Zara’s feet, sprinkle one drop on yourself daily and you might realize what real love is.. no you wouldnt understand, this water is proof of my love and you dont deserve it.

At night, Kabir is holding water bottle tightly. Ruksaar comes there with knife. He glares at her and says dont do it, there is still time, give it to me. He tries to take it from her but Ruksaar says I will slit my wrist and give myself to you, dont compare my love with Zara, she came in your life now but I was there since start, I am ready to do anything you want but I will prove that I love you more than Zara. Zara’s Nikah 19 September 2020 Update

Kabir fights and takes knife from her. He says you will not leave me? I cant spend a moment with you and you want to spend a life with me? I cant do it, save your tears as you would need them in your lonely nights, he leaves from there. Ruksaar holds knife again.

Shahbaz calls Zeenat and says you are part of this family and respect us? she nods. He says you can do anything for us right? Zeenat says yes. Shahbaz says go to your sister and asks her to take divorce from Kabir, Zara proved her love, she walked on burning coals for her love, now its time for you to prove how much you care for us, ask your sister to separate.

Ayesha holds her hand and says we are sure that you love this house and peace of this family. Zeenat is in daze and leaves from there. Shahbaz says to Ayesha that Kabir and Zara are pride of this house and if we dont do anything to save their relation then I am afraid they might become a reason for destruction of this house.

Ruksaar shouts on Zeenat that you want me to divorce Kabir? I did all crazy things for him and you want me to give up? I will never give him to Zara. Zeenat says this family wanted that from me so I asked you that. Ruksaar shows her knife and says you can ask for my life as a sister but if you ask me to divorce Kabir as elder daughter in law of house then I will kill you. Zeenat is stunned.

Zeenat comes to Shahbaz and says I am sorry.Ruksaar looks at knife and recalls Kabir’s words. She is about to cut her hand when Shahbaz comes there. She hides knife. He comes in and says you asked for something that day and I am here to ask you for something too. Ruksaar says you can ask anything expect Kabir. Shahbaz says Kabir is happy with Zara today so he should be with her but if he wants to be with you in future then I will support you.

Ruksaar says he doesnt even want to walk a mile with me. Shahbaz says he used to hate Zara but now he loves her so much so dont lose hope, you saw how Zara walked on coals and he brought her here in his arms, do something to make him happy. Ruksaar says I can do anything for his happiness. Shahbaz says then ask for divorce, it will make him happy. He leaves from there.

Kabir asks Imran that you think Zara will calm down after all this and our love will flourish again? Imran says yes.Zara wakes up. Reema tells her that not only Kabir saved you, he brought you in house in his arms, it was romantic.

Zara’s Nikah 19 September 2020 Update ends as Ruksaar comes to family and smiles. Ruksaar says to Shahbaz that I have a condition before asking for divorce. Shahbaz says what? Ruksaar says Kabir has to be mine and spend a night with me as my own. Shahbaz says what? Ruksaar says he has to be my husband and spend a night with me.