Zee World: Our Perfect Place 11 May 2020 Update


Our Perfect Place 11 May 2020 Update on Zee World

Our Perfect Place 11 May 2020Update starts as Sam comes out of washroom after a bath and sees Hetal’s missed call. He sits reminisces how Hetal got angry hearing about patching up with her sister. Rahul comes and asks if he does not want to come to cafeteria. Sam says no, he is not feeling good today. Rahul leaves.

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Our Perfect Place 11 May 2020 Update

Hetal sees Sam not picking her call at all. She falls asleep and dreams about Sam coming and telling he is not angry on her at all. She says even after scratching him like bheegi billi/wet cat. He says no and hugs her. She comes wakes up and does not find Sam. Prachi comes and tells that Rahul has already come and they have a meeting. Hetal asks if Sam came. She says no. Rahul briefs about today’s agenda to staff and goes to Hetal. He asks if she is fine. She asks if Sam did not come. He says no, he is not feeling good after Niranjan’s accident. Hetal asks what happened to Niranjan. Rahul briefs her whole incident.

Hetal reaches Sam’s house. Ila greets her in and tells Sam is on terrace. Hetal walk to terrace. Sam feels guilty thinking he should not have forced Hetalto patch up with her sister. Hetal shuts his eyes from behind. He gets happy and asks if she is for real. She says she can touch and check. He checks and say she is for real. She apologizes him for scratching him like wet cat. They both hug emotionally. A romantic song plays in the background. He asks if she does not want to go back to cafeteria and says she is worried about Nirajan and believes if a person is repent for his sin, he should be forgiven. Hetal shouts if he is referring to her sister, she will never patch up with her and if he force, he can go way from her.

Rita changes Falak and Bejal’s clothes after they return from school. She then helps them in their homework and reminisces Niranjan’s request. She calls him and says she will keep phone on and he can hear children’s voice. Bejal asks Falak what is she doing. Falak says she is drawing family portrait with her, Bejal, mamma and papa. Niranjan gets emotional hearing this. Falak then says since papa will not come back, she erased papa. Gayatri and Niranjan are shocked hearing this.

Rita snatches Gayatri’s phone and sees Niranjan’s call on. She yells that she betrayed her again. Gayatri stop her and says she is thinking wrong. Ila asks what is happening. Rita yells her Devi like bahu again betrayed her and was trying to make children speak to Niranjan. Gayatri says she was just try to let Niranjan hear Children’s voice. Rita yells even that she cannot do and she betrayed her again, she does not have to come near her children again. Ila asks why did she do this, there must be some reason. Gayatri reminisces Parimal asking her not to inform about Niranjan’s accident to maa, else her BP will rise in tension. She tells nothing, apologizes Ila and leaves.

Ila goes to Parimal’s room and asks what did he speak to Niranjan. Parimal nervously says nothing important. Ila asks where did they go for lunch. He says Niranjan’s favorite eatery. He gets ready and says he is having a meeting with his Pune colleague and leaves. Ila thinks why even he is talking nervously like Gayatri. She sees his blood stained shirt in bathroom and reminisces him wearing same shirt when he went to meet Niranjan.

She collapses thinking what happened to her son. Parimal goes down and asks Gayatri if she told anything to maa about Niranjan. She says no. He says maa was enquiring about Niranjan. He says he forgot his mobile and goes back to his room and finds Ila on floor. He calls everyone and asks Sam to call doc. Doc checks her and says her BP shot up due to tension and now it is normal.

Our Perfect Place 11 May 2020 Update on Zee World

Rita hears about Niranjan’s accident and goes to her room. She calls Shree/Tanu who comes to meet her. Rita says she could not control herself hearing about Niranjan’s accident, but even cannot forget his betrayal, so she has decided divorce Niranjan. Shree says she can go ahead with her decision, but should let children meet Niranjan. Rita shouts never. Shree says she has to some or other day once her anger calms down.

Ila wakes up and Paimal says Niranjan is fine now and she need not worry about him. Everyone says ame Sam says she should meet Niranjan once. Even everyone say same. Rita enters and hear their conversation and tells Ila she can meet her son. Ila says she will not by disturbing her emotions. Rita says she will not feel bad. Ila thanks her. Parimal says she took a good decision and should let children meet Niranjan. Rita shouts no and leaves shouting.

Tanu/Shree speaks with Niranjan over phone and informs him that Rita wants to take divorce and rests of the incident happened. She encourages him to be courageous and not accept defeat easily.

Hetal informs Prachi that she again fought with Sam and again pushed him. Prachi scolds why she became so arrogant, Sam may file complaint against her for her misbehavior. Hetal gets worried. Prachi smiles and asks her to call him and patch up.

Ila goes to Niranjan’s room. He gets very happy seeing her and reminices her warning she will disown him if he betrays Rita. Ila emotionally touches him and then sees his dilapated room and cries hugging him. They both then feed food to each other. Ila then says she has not forgiven him, just her maa ki mamta brought her here. He says she may not forgive him, but should tell how he can meet his children and fulfill his responsibilities as a father. She says he should go and work instead of being in this room so that when time comes, he can take care of children well. He smiles and nods yes.

Rita helps Falak and Bejal in their homework. Falak pronounces beautiful as butiphool. Rita says it is wrong. Falak and Bejal dance singing ladkhi butiphool..song and says Taimaa taught her to pronounce same. Rita gets very angry and warns children not to meet taimaa. She calls Falak’s class mate’s mother and asks to send a nanny. She says she will send her nanny tomorrow as she does not need nanny now.

Rahul continues drinking reminisces Tanu. He gets severe stomach ache and rolls on bed. He reminisces his romantic days with Tanu and then their separation, etc.

Rahul gets severe stomachache after drinking heavily. He rolls on bed, but even then he gets up and picks liquor glass. Sam enters and scolds he started drinking heavily again, he will call maa. Rahul stops him and says he is fine and did not get stomachache at all. He asks him to sit and asks if he sorted out issues with Hetal. Sam says he is not gaining courage to inform her truth and knows end result will be bad. Rahul says then he should not tell her truth, but should not meet her sister also. Shree is a counselor and he is sure she will understand his problem and that it is best for Hetal and him.

Rita is busy reading a script. Falak and Bejal get ready for school and ask her help to fix tie. Falak says if she is getting busy, she will take Taima’s help. Rita shouts never to go to Gayatri. Caretaker comes and introduces herself to Ila as nanny hired by Rita for Falak and Bejal. Rita comes and greets her. Ila says when there can take care of children, why she needs nanny. Rita asks Falak and Bejal to show their room to nanny, she will stay with them hereon. Falak and Bejal run and hug Ila. Rita orders them and they take nanny in.

Parimal confronts and how can she let a stranger stay at home. Rita shouts at him that he wants her to remember his brother’s betrayal and go into depression again. Ila stops him and says even she does not like this idea. Rita says she will stay out of house for long, so she hired a strict nanny. Gayatri gets worried and says she will not let anyone be strict with children. Rita shouts and yells at her that she warned her to stay away from her children and hence hired nanny. Parimal gets irked and asks Ila how can she let Rita misbehave with Gayatri.

Rita says Gayatri let children speak to Niranjan. Parimal says seeing Niranjan’s condition, anyone would do same. Rita continues her misbehavior and Gayatri apologizes her. Parimal warns Gayatri that he cannot see her insult and says she will stay away from Rita and her children. Gayatri hugs Ila and cries.

Hetal sadly waits for Sam Sam enters. Prachi excitedly greets Sam. Hetal runs and hugs him and says she thought he would not come. He says he values relationships a lot and not like her to fight often. She gets sad hearing this. He goes and sits facing his back on her. She gets more sad. Prachi says Sam she will get coffee for him. Hetal says she will prepare coffee. Parchi warns not to become wet cat and scratch Sam again. Hetal says yes and serves Sam coffee.

Our Perfect Place 11 May 2020 Update ends as Sam smiles and accepts coffee and gets back to his work. Hetal asks Prachi how to convince Sam. She suggests 80s Bollywood style. Hetal gets ready with heavy makeup and hair band and says wait and watch, how she will convince Sam in her damsel in distress style.